During the final weeks of the residency we developed 3 ‘Things that say No’ sketches that are the beginning of new body of work.

Feeling Deflated

Many benches in the city are uncomfortable, made out of cold hard metals so the public can't loiter. Here, in 'Feeling Deflated', an inflatable cushion blows up when you are far away and then deflates as you get close, so never allowing you to comfortably sit down.

Blocking Accesson Approach

This sketch is influenced by design in the city that intends to prevent crime from happening by limiting access and behaviour in the first place. In this video, youraccess is blocked on approach before you have even a chance to use the bench. 

Buzz Wire

This ‘Buzz Wire’ game highlights unpleasant design in the city. These design features push ‘undesirable’ people away, creating public spaces for only a certain type of public.