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Lily Green

No Bindings

Combining workshops, making books + making podcasts to co-produce multimedia literature + events with frequently underrepresented voices


A collage of images of the natural landscape and people of colour. On the right side are images of nature, and on the left side are close ups of people's faces. In the top right corner is the title of the project, Another Pastoral, in white text.

Another Pastoral

What does nature poetry read like when it reflects the experiences of People of Colour? We intend to explore this question by creating Another Pastoral, a publication that intersects print, audio and…
A pink square with a row of photos showing Roseanna Dias, Will Taylor, and Lily Green. The text above and below the three images says 'Exploring Beyond Boundaries'.

Workshop: Exploring Beyond Boundaries

Exploring Beyond Boundaries (2020) This 2-part, online zine workshop was developed and delivered in 2020 in collaboration with creative producers Will Taylor and Roseanna Dias, and commissioned for the Film…
The back of a woman's head as she designs a zine on her laptop screen.

Workshop: Creative Reflection on Digital Placemaking

Creative Reflection on Digital Placemaking (2020) This 2-hour, online workshop was commissioned for the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Digital Placemaking fellows. The workshop ran as a series of activities to…
Lily Green, No Bindings director, talks to three people.

Lecture & Workshop: Introduction to No Bindings

Introduction to No Bindings (2020) This workshop was for students starting their Final Year Project module within the University of West England’s Department of Film and Journalism. It combined a talk about…
A black woman, seen only by the hands, customises and designs her zine which lays open on a dark green table surrounded by scissors, colourful prints, stamps, pins and other crafting material.

Workshop: Riso Print Your Zine

Riso Print Your Zine (2019) This workshop was a zine making and riso printing Zine Club special in collaboration with 16 Tonne Press. This sold out, ticketed event provided each attendee with all the…
A blue booklet with a drawing of a person wearing a helmet is wired up to a conductor to make sound when touched.

Workshop: Amplified Zines - Positive Spin

Amplified Zines: Positive Spin (2019) This Amplified Zines workshop was for life long and returnee cyclists aged 55 and over to capture and record their cycling stories in the form of writing, interviews, and…
Colourful 'We Can Make Chat Show' riso prints spread out on the table in colours of green and orange, yellow and pink, orange and white, blue and white, and red.

The We Can Make Chat Show - Series 1

The We Can Make Chat Show, series 1, brings together people from the garden city neighbourhood of Knowle West in Bristol, UK, to chat about how they are sorting out their housing. Over four episodes, Knowle Westers…
Someone presses a finger to pocket-size zines spread out on a table and wired up to a conductor.

Workshop: Amplified Zines - Radiobook Rwanda

Amplified Zines: Radiobook Rwanda (2018) These playful workshops took themes from the Radiobook Rwanda short story collection - relationships, modern myths, and resistance - and mixed the…
A group of men and women, young and old, seated and standing around a table. They are hand-finishing the Here We Grow books.

Workshop: Making Here We Grow

Making Here We Grow (2018) This workshop was an invitation to the contributors of Here We Grow (2018) to get a behind-the-scenes, first glimpse of the publication and have a go at putting…
A group of black men and women seated around a table. In the centre of the table are items to make books - paper, string. There are also headphones on the table. Surrounding the people are plants and trees.

Workshop: Make Books, Make Sounds

Make Books, Make Sounds was a one-day workshop in Kigali, Rwanda, on making books and using sound in publishing. The group learnt some foundational book binding methods and worked in groups to ideate hybrid…
People shown from the knee down standing on the floor of the Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.

Workshop: Mini Think! In/Visibility and the Internet

Mini Think was a game-based think tank that was developed for the production of Here We Grow (2018), a No Bindings publication commissioned by Bristol Ageing Better exploring who, and what, makes Bristol the kind of…

RadioBook Rwanda

A new multimedia literary imprint showcasing Rwandan and East African creative voices.
Project image of No Bindings

Here We Grow

A community of creative voices explores what makes Bristol age friendly. From this emerges a hybrid experience of creative writing, visual art and personal story held in both print and sound.


Wyldwood is a publication-podcast. Made in collaboration with Wyldwood Arts, it is a collection of stories and artwork produced by ChatBack, an intergenerational group of artists.

Worked on

Five booklets of A Crash Course in Cloudspotting hang from yellow cords of material in the style of Literature de Cordel. The booklets are white with blue text or designs in their centre.

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting

A Crash Course in Cloudspotting asks you to connect with the subversive act of lying down. It’s about public rest and acts of bravery we don't see. About scaling the distances and depths of human connection. …
A map of words and shapes held up by a man. The words are on coloured blue and orange paper.

Each to Another

Each to Another is a unique art education programme designed to support disabled individuals to develop their artwork through sharing their work with others. The project guides participants on how to facilitate their very own…

No Bindings. The name came from the idea that my books would be made without glue, staples, or string holding the pages in place. That quickly went out the window but the name stuck and instead represents a spirit of saying yes, taking risks and thinking about what audio and community helps books achieve beyond the bounds of their pages.

To date, as director and lead artist of No Bindings, Lily has led various projects that involve the production of multimedia literature. Works include:

  • RadioBook Rwanda (Oct 17 - present), a new multimedia imprint showcasing new writing and visual art talent from Rwandan and East African artists
  • Here We Grow (Sep 17 - Sep 18), a multimedia literary project about growing older in Bristol
  • Wyldwood (Nov 16 - Jun 17), a multimedia collection of poetry, memories and visual art created by integenerational arts group, ChatBack. 

Lily has begun to offer mentoring and guidance to emerging artists:

  • Yasmin Qureshi with Red Telephone. Yasmin is looking at how to address trauma through subconscious objects and multimedia zines.
  • Will Taylor with Two Tone. Will is looking to set up a podcast, zine series and online residency programme to encourage dialogue amongst and increase opportunities for the next generation of visual artists.

Lily is on the Steering Group for #WhoseCulture, a creative data project aimed at recording the cultural engagement of young people of colour in Bristol to change the way the arts work.

Lily has done various talks:

Lily moved to Bristol in 2015. She learnt printmaking and basic book binding at Spike Print Studio before embarking on a trial+error journey to create No Bindings. Before going full time with No Bindings, Lily was the senior developer for The Dare to Write Library workshop format and training programme. Lily studied Portuguese and Spanish at the University of Oxford. Communication, medieval spanish and literatura de cordel continue to be big influences in her work. She has lived in Recife, Brazil and Madrid, Spain and is always looking for opportunities to falar and hablar. 

At every turn, Lily is looking to discover and champion how intersectional learning can innovate not just No Bindings, but publishing, media, the arts and society.

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