Natasha studied Arts Management and Theatre. 

Natasha worked at Lost Weekend 2017 on the ‘Lost In Art’ Programme doing marketing, social media management, and assisting with the creative technology installations. Shortly after that, she began working at Kaleider as a Storyteller; managing social media, promotion and brand personality as well as being involved with many Kaleider projects and events.

Natasha is the creator and Editor-In-Chief of Pigzine is an online magazine that follows Pig, a production by Kaleider, as it travels around Europe. Through this project she has developed an interest in how the documentation and promotion of art can change it, or create different conversations.

Natasha is learning Web Design and Development. She writes performance poetry but has not yet performed (strictly YouTube), has a clothing brand that tackles social issues and toxic masculinity through its designs, and is hoping to finish her first book this year (a pocket book of illustrations that challenge old fashioned expectations for women). Natasha is a disrupter and a question asker.

Natasha joined the Studio team in November 2018.