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Simon Day

Through his background in theatre, Simon is exploring how design through stories may help to recover damaged connections in the brain.

Portrait of Simon Day

Portrait of Simon Day

I am spending my time in the studio to explore brain-injury rehabilitation around language and processing skills. How can using games and design join the dots between words, images and stories to help recovery? 

Before starting a residency, I began with some mini-projects. For example, I designed a set of cards to build connections between landmarks and routes through the city. I also published a website, "The Telewonk". As an artistic process, the site showcases a fictitious collection of events, games, and exhibitions.

My own background lies on both sides of the theatre-fence. As an artist with The Plasticine Men and Mufti Games, I was also a producer. I worked with other companies including Theatre Bristol, Arts Council England, BE Festival and Terrestrial.