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Vincent Baidoo


Currently making a game plugin that will give people outside the disciplines of coding the chance to make "Old school Zelda Like" games

c/o Vincent Baidoo

Vincent Baidoo

Vincent started his first company, VPG Entertainments, at 15 years old with the goal of supporting social change through developing emerging creative talent and business ventures. Over the years he has worked and been trained across various mainstream media channels - working with BBC, ITV & Channel 4 with a commitment to operating independently. Vincent is an O2 Telefonica Alumni & a Second Light Alumni.

Due to the unique connection his current company South-Blessed has with the local and wider community Vincent was asked to join the Avon & Sommerset Independant Advisery Group. South-Blessed has also become the lead aspect of the Bristol reaserch into "Creative Citizens" with the University of West of England.

Vincent supports young talent in publishing graphic novels that share and relate to BAME cultures and has recently moved into games developing that also explores under-represented voices and narratives across these medias.