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Will Taylor


Creative Producer | Inclusivity Consultant/Producer | Project Coordinator | Events Manager | Agent | Creative Consultant (R&D) | Research Fellow "Lend Me Your Hearts, Keep The Rest."


A pink square with a row of photos showing Roseanna Dias, Will Taylor, and Lily Green. The text above and below the three images says 'Exploring Beyond Boundaries'.

Workshop: Exploring Beyond Boundaries

Exploring Beyond Boundaries (2020) This 2-part, online zine workshop was developed and delivered in 2020 in collaboration with creative producers Will Taylor and Roseanna Dias, and commissioned for the Film…

Worked on

RadioBook Rwanda

A new multimedia literary imprint showcasing Rwandan and East African creative voices.

     Born and raised in South West London to first generation Ghanian immigrants. I very quickly learned to question the issues raised by the diasporic experience especially in comparison to others in the same situation as well as to those whose parents were from the British Isles. At 11 I found myself at an incredibly prestigious boarding school, Christ’s Hospital. Where I spent the next 7 years bouncing between 2 very stark realities. Poverty on one hand and the ritual exhibition of the British upper (middle) class on the other. This duality of experience left me very firmly on the peripheries of both social groupings, a space I suppose I’m used to now.

     As a result, not only did I find myself at odds with my own personal identity, but I would continue to be a flag bearer for those I feel I represent. Moving between social spaces I aspire to enlighten people to the realities of the plight of the perpetually impoverished diasporic experience whilst simultaneously ‘holding’ the door open for those who lack agency to spaces society has “implied” are available to them.

     I am a Producer. I enjoy film, music, live performance, exhibitions, theatre, visual arts, audio, publications, editorials and curation. As a result I may be working across any of these disciplines at any given time. My role is very much dependent on what is required for a successful realisation of the brief. So I could find myself focusing on team building, research and development, networking, marketing, design, budgeting, location scouting, brokering deals and professional relationships, licensing and social impact. My work is very much rooted in providing spaces for creativity to flourish for one and all, especially those underrepresented in the creative industry at large. Helping artists reach their potential and pave their way despite not usually having anyone who represents them in positions of influence.

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