Queer Vision Part 1

Queer Vision Launch - Iris Select + Party 18


Please note: This was screened in April 2015

60 mins, 2014, Various

Bristol Pride presents the launch of a brand new film festival - Queer Vision - with fresh, exciting partnerships and even more truly inspiring award winning films to watch on the big screen.

Curated by Bristol Pride, Queer Vision strives to bring you the very best and latest feature film releases in LGBT+ cinema, now with the addition of award-winning short films and animation that will screen throughout the year.

On Sat 25 April after the screening there will be entertainment from 15.45 onwards including a special movie quiz and live music along with opportunities for creative hub discussions and networking all whilst you enjoy a specially created Queer Vision cocktail!

Queer Vision launches on Sat 25 and Sun 26 April with three short film programmes showcasing a unique selection of funny, touching, shocking and insightful shorts from Cardiff’s Iris Prize LGBT film festival. Be sure to check out the The Love of Men and When I Saw Her programmes screening on Sun 26 April.

This programme line up includes:

  • Einfach - Simple -Markus Wende, Germany, 1m - A rapid animation that sums up a range of complex sexualities and desire with humour. Blink and you will miss it!
  • Aban + Korshid -Darwin Serink, USA, 2013, 15m - An intimate portrait of two lovers, glimpsing into the world in which they met, moments before their shocking and sobering end.
  • Black is Blue -Cheryl Dunye, USA, 2014, 15m - The story of an African American Trans man, over the course of his typical day, exploring his past as queer black woman who knew how to stand up for herself.
  • Disaster Preparedness -Melissa Finell, USA, 2014, 15m - With a hurricane racing toward New York City, a couple decides to wait out the storm in the safety of their apartment. But their home turns hostile when Becca uncovers a secret that Rose has been keeping from her.
  • Das Phallometre -Tor Iben, Germany, 7m - A refugee is taken into custody at an open border crossing, where admitting to being gay he is subjected to an absurd entry examination.
  • Zebra -Julia Ocker, Germany, 3m - One day the zebra ran against a tree… A wonderful animation that shows us difference is to be celebrated.
  • Middle Man -Charlie Francis, UK, 5m - Davie has just started working in a call centre, which provides services for the deaf community. When his new bosses turn up for an inspection Davie does his utmost to show his professionalism.
  • Queer Vision is partnered by Watershed and FAN SWWM.