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Arsenal with live score by Bronnt Industries Kapital

Arsenal with live score by Bronnt Industries Kapital

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Filmic 2016


Please note: This was screened in April 2016

Oleksandr Dovzhenko
Semen Svashenko, Amvrosi Buchma, Georgi Khorkov
86 mins, 1929, Ukrainian SSR

Part of Filmic 2016

Beautifully framed and shot, this visceral anti-war silent movie is brought to life by Guy Bartell’s expertly judged resonant score.

World War I brought devastation, heartache and hardship to the Ukrainian people. Timosh, a recently demobbed soldier, returns to his hometown Kyiv amidst the celebrations of Ukrainian freedom. But Timosh challenges the local authorities by calling for the Soviet system to be adopted. From its devastating opening sequence onwards we are acutely aware of the emotional impact of a completely different style of filmmaking.

Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s 1928 classic film has recently been restored by the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Centre (ODNC) in Kiev. The British Council and ODNC commissioned Bristol-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell of Bronnt Industries Kapital to compose a new soundtrack for the film. The restored version was originally screened at Mystetksyi Arsenal - a modern gallery which is located not far from factory Arsenal - the location of the original Arsenal Uprising.

With live soundtrack by Bronnt Industries Kapital.

Part of Filmic 2016 and presented in partnership with South West Silents.

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