Queer Vision 2017

Gaze at Queer Vision 18 (CTBA)

Queer Vision 2017

More Than God

Queer Vision works with other LGBT+ film festival throughout the year and for the first time welcomes a guest screening from the Dublin based international LGBT film festival, Gaze.

Queer Vision proudly presents a fantastic selection of Irish short films of delicate humour, innocence and great moments in Irish history. We will be joined by Gaze Film Festival programmer Roisín Geraghty, plus some Kara Holmes and Paula Geraghty from the film Our Gemma,.

First Love

Dir: Brian Deane, 13 min

Two best friends set out on a quest in pursuit of their first crush.

Little Doll

Dir: Kate Dolan, 12 min

Two girls face the confusion and uncertainty of developing a same-sex first crush.


Dir: James Doherty, 14 min

The story of a hardy Irish Traveller who becomes increasingly concerned with his nine-year-old son’s femininity and sets about toughening him up.


Dir: Eoin Heaney, 6 min

Inspired by the work of Eadweard Muybridge, Turning is a dance film exploring the cyclical nature and repetitive behaviour of contemporary society.

More than God

Dir: Kev Cahill, 9 min

A screwball comedy that deals with family,obligation and the rigidity of religion.

Our Gemma

Dir: Cara Holmes, 12 mins

Explores questions of identity and how Gemma responds to bigotry and political sectarianism in her life.

Making History

Dir: Anna Rodgers, 4 mins

This recounts the historic referendum victory in 2015, where Ireland became the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote.