The Midwife 12A (S)

The Midwife

French screen legends Catherine Frot and Catherine Deneuve are united for the much anticipated new film from writer/director Martin Provost (Séraphine).

Frot stars as Claire, a gifted midwife who one day receives a phone call from Beatrice (Deneuve), her father's ex-mistress who vanished from their lives 30 years ago. Claire is nonplussed - Beatrice's disappearance wreaked havoc in her life at the time - but nevertheless, she agrees to meet. They make the oddest of odd couples - Beatrice a boozy, meat-eating blonde, Claire a teetotal, decent vegetarian - but the pair learn to accept one another and, by revealing long-held secrets, try to make up for lost years.

The Midwife memorably and movingly questions the value of change (but also whether steak, pomme frites, and red wine can really be considered a healthy lunch) and with two actresses at the top of their game, it is a real treat. Enjoy.