Lunchtime Talks at the Pervasive Media Studio

Lunchtime Talks at the Pervasive Media Studio

Do you want to find out what is going on at the Pervasive Media Studio? Are you interested in meeting our residents, talking about a specific project or curious about pervasive media? Then why not pack a sandwich and join us for one of our Lunchtime Talks and Open Studio Friday.

Lunchtime Talks are a series of informal presentations at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio. They normally take place at 13:00 on a Friday, are free and are open to everybody who is interested in what they do. Come along, bring a sandwich, and get to know more about the Studio community, current and up-coming projects, or residents' work.

After the talk, you can stay at the Studio for the afternoon to continue the conversation or work on your own projects. The Studio provides chairs, tables, wireless and a great space. You bring what you need to work with (laptop/mobile). The open afternoons close at 17:00, usually with a trip to the Café/Bar.

The Pervasive Media Studio is located within the Watershed building. Let us know if you'd like a tour of the space and we'll be happy to show you around! Send an email to

Upcoming events in this Season

In this Lunchtime Talk resident artist Aidan Moesby discusses his new project, ‘I was naked, smelling of rain’. Aidan will be joined by his collaborator, psychiatrist David Cousins.

Read More - Are we in the weather or is the weather in us?

In this talk we’ll hear from friend of the Studio, Howard Baker who created the BBC micro:bit in response to the BBC’s ambition to inspire its audience to engage with coding, computer technology and digital creativity.

Read More - BBC micro:bit – for writing the future

Previous events in this Season

In this Lunchtime Talk Laura Kriefman founder of Hellion Trace will be with us to talk about Star Light, Star Bright and Hellion Trace’s processes and lessons learnt for creating a new city wide interactive installation for Oxford.

Read More - Making Star Light, Star Bright: How do you map stars onto a city?

In this Lunchtime Talk children's content developer Jenny Grinsted explores how we create interactive children's books. Can they be developed in the same way as we develop novels or picture books – or is a different approach needed?

Read More - Why interactive children's books are different

In a return to one of our favourite lunchtime talk formats, this week we are handing the reins over to you. If you have a project on the go, something coming up or an idea bubbling away, this is your chance to share it with us and with the lunchtime talk audience to get some support, feedback and inspiration.

Read More - Over to You

In this talk Nicholas Rawling, creator of The Paper Cinema, will be joined by animation and puppetry Director Joseph Wallace to share ideas and challenges for their latest project - writing a narrative that combines animation, music, film and theatre with a live soundtrack.

Read More - How to grow a story

In this week's talk join us as we welcome and hear first hand from our three New Talent Residents; a truly eclectic bunch covering everything from Bristol’s LGBTQ+ history to African diaspora to home appliances that talk back.

Read More - Introducing our New Talent Residents

Fascinated by the debate surrounding digital currency Bitcoin and other blockchain-based systems such as Ethereum, Studio resident Tim Kindberg decided to take a sceptical look.

Read More - Blockchain for Sceptics

In this Lunchtime Talk, join us as we welcome and hear first hand from our two new Studio Artists in Residence, the wonderful Bristol-based, Action Hero and the cacophony of sound that is Manchester-based, Noise Orchestra.

Read More - Introducing our new Artists in Residence

In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident Tim Kindberg will discuss how he's been looking for a way of putting the actual capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) – as opposed to the hype – into perspective.

Read More - AI for Sceptics

In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident and physicist Michael Johnson will discuss how he is trying to make Space exploration more accessible for all and the different ways, anyone can participate.

Read More - Exploring space for fun, science and profit

In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident Harmeet Chagger-Khan will introduce her new project, Elixir of Life - an augmented reality story-game played on the city's streets.

Read More - Who Do You Think You Are?

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Join studio resident and sound artist Steve Symons, as he draws common threads from his 20 years of creative technology practice and outlines his aims as a Studio resident, touching on topics such as sound, DIY electronics and multi-user interaction.

Read More - iLogs are not Mutual Instruments (what is an iLog anyway)?

In the post-Trump, post-truth landscape, where pollsters are being criticised for inaccurately judging the mood of a population, in this week's Lunchtime Talk studio resident Andy Littledale will share some thoughts on whether political polling is still important.

Read More - What is wrong with political polls?

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Studio residents Lawrence Hoo and Michael Jenkins will introduce new project and art installation, CARGO, the narrative of which looks at Bristol’s and the African diaspora’s histories and legacies.

Read More - Cargo - An Introduction

In this week's Lunchtime Talk we'll be having a discussion with some of Bristol’s leading Artificial Intelligence innovators and educators about the accelerated pace of A.I development, and how it can be made more accessible to all.

Read More - Whose A.I Is It Anyway?

For this special Lunchtime Talk we are joined by Studio resident Sharon Clark from Raucous, the immersive theatre company behind last year's The Stick House and the new show Ice Road.

Read More - In Conversation with Sharon Clark, Creative Director of Ice Road

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Paul O'Dowd, Research Fellow at the Centre for Fine Print Research joins us to share his research and practice incorporating robotics, art and design.

Read More - Robot Native: Post-digital Futures

This week's Lunchtme Talk will be taking place at Arnolfini where we will be joining Visual Artist and Electronic Musician Stuart Warren-Hill and Production Manager at Holotronica Ltd Hugo Stanbury for a live demonstration of their innovative Holo-Gauze - an award winning 3D hologram effect screen.

Read More - Holo-Gauze Show and Tell

In this Lunchtime Talk, Studio resident Bhagyashree Patil, a PhD student at the CREATE lab, will share her research ideas and questions around ways that the Internet of Things can support relationships between adults and their parents.

Read More - Could the Internet of things support our relationships with our parents?

What if the Replicator from Star Trek really existed? What if, at the touch of a button, you could have whatever object you desire? In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident ginger coons discusses the future of digital fabrication.

Read More - Bringing Back The Factory?

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Dr Stephen Hinde will discuss how attention, immersion and engagement can be studied within the cinema, using mobile technologies.

Read More - Experimental Psychology in Cinema using Mobile Technologies

In this week's Lunchtime Talk studio resident Annie Lywood will introduce Bonnie Binary, an e-textile consultancy, working with industry to create bespoke costumes, objects and interactive fabrics for older people.

Read More - Tactile Interfaces For Older People

In this week's Lunchtime Talk game developer Alistair Aitcheson will talk about his playful installations, custom-made game hardware and interactive performances and explore how they encourage improvisation and creativity.

Read More - Inspiring Improvisation with Digital Games

In this week's Lunchtime Talk producer and musician Jay Auborn will discuss and demonstrate the processes used to realise the conceptual idea of music album Race to Zero.

Read More - Ambient Presence

In this week's Lunchtime Talk translator and artist Kyra Pollitt will offer a glimpse into the world of sign language arts, and explain why translation may be preventing you from really appreciating the creative offerings of our Deaf communities.

Read More - Can You Feel What I See?

Borahm Kim is a media artist on a studio residency from South Korea and in this week's talk she will explain how she is hoping to develop scenarios and methods for non-verbal storytelling inspired by bringing together different languages and cultures.

Read More - Searching For Non-Verbal Storytelling

In this week's Lunchtime Talk artist and designer Becca Rose will outline her approach to developing creative educational technologies, as well as sharing her team’s insight into the making process.

Read More - Kaleidoscopes and Periscopes

In this week Lunchtime Talk Eleanor Pender will introduce Future DiverCities, a Creative Europe funded project exploring the ever-changing role of art and creative work in the urban context.

Read More - Future DiverCities

In this Lunchtime Talk Multimedia producer and creative technologist Marcus Gilroy-Ware talks of his journey to understand how people encounter new information online and his new technology 'Smartest' that aims to make that process more user friendly.

Read More - Smartest

In this Lunchtime Talk artist David Lisser will discuss the development of meal plans - a new research-led project that imagines the future of food as if it were history.

Read More - Meal Plans

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Dom Brown will introduce the Mimu Gloves, which use cutting edge wearable technology for the performance and composition of music.

Read More - Making Music With Mimu Gloves

In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident Jane Gauntlett will talk about her latest project which is a 360 degree, first-person documentary for two people that explores the power of human connection.

Read More - In my Shoes: Intimacy

In this Lunchtime Talk Duncan Speakman discusses his latest work that explores how documentary approaches could be used to make stories from remote locations relevant in an audiences immediate environment.

Read More - It Must Have Been Dark by Then

We will be taking a short break from the Lunchtime Talk and Open Studio Friday programme over the Easter period, but we'll resume on Friday the 21st of April.

Read More - Lunchtime Talk Easter Break

Studio resident Rosie Poebright is working on the R&D for an audio real-world experience called 'Empath'. In this Lunchtime Talk she will explore questions around vulnerability as an artist in the process as well as how to enable vulnerable people to share their stories.

Read More - Vulnerable Creativity

In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident Tom Marshman discusses about his latest show Kings Cross (REMIX) in which he has brought to light testimonies of hidden histories in the Kings Cross area in London.

Read More - Kings Cross (Remix)

In this Lunchtime Talk game designer Simon Johnson will be demonstrating a new game called 2030 Hive Mind and be discussing the role of play and games in giving people access to engagement with complex subjects.

Read More - 2030 Hive Mind

In this Lunchtime Talk Tanuja Amarasuriya and Tim X Atack of Sleepdogs will be introducing an early-stage project called SUPERNOVA: a one-on-one theatre experience that imagines you are in the presence of a star on the edge of explosion.

Read More - Supernova

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Jack Barnett and Bob Leadbeater will be talking about their idea to create a new DJ mixing console that uses interactive technologies to create a more accessible platform for people of all abilities and backgrounds to learn how to DJ.

Read More - Revinyl Sessions

In his week's Lunchtime Talk we are joined by IJAD Dance Company Creative Director Joumana Mourad who'll be talking about Open Online Theatre, an online space where audiences can interact with artists to create performances together, from anywhere in the world.

Read More - Open Online Theatre

During this week's Lunchtime Talk we will hear about the Kellycaster and the collaboration behind this bespoke accessible guitar that has led to real change both in design but also in how accessible music making is perceived.

Read More - The Kellycaster

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Edson Burton joins us to talk about The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut and his residency at Watershed.

Read More - The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

Come to the Pervasive Media Studio this Friday - the perfect place to test out your half-baked, barely-formed, super-early ideas, projects, prototypes, games, experiences and experiments!

Read More - Half Baked

In this week’s Lunchtime Talk, studio resident Tarim joins forces with his latest collaborator Alex Jones, to share their thoughts on why our sense of hearing isn't as simple as it may seem.

Read More - Sound Illusions

In this week's Lunchtime Talk artist duo Mária Júdová and Andrej Boleslavsky present DUST, a multidisciplinary project that aims to transform the way people see and experience contemporary dance through VR.

Read More - DUST: Contemporary dance and Virtual Reality

In this Lunchtime Talk musician, artist and Studio resident Onallee talks about the research and development of her new concept multimedia show FUTURISM 3.O which reimagines traditional live music performance.

Read More - The Democratisation of Technology

In this week's Lunchtime Talk designer and Studio resident Tom Metcalfe will present some of the developments of his recent micro-residency at the National Composites Centre where he explored craftsmanship, sustainability, traditional tailoring and composites manufacture.

Read More - Tailoring Composites

In this week's Lunchtime Talk we welcome Bristol based artists Yas Clarke and Lorenzo Prati to talk about creating a generative musical system from data harvested at the Ridracoli dam in Emilia Romagna, Italy.

Read More - Sinfonidría - Making a giant musical instrument

In the week's talk join Greg Taylor, Chief Provocation Officer, and his team at Elmwood to explore why purpose and design need to be at the heart of effective brand experience innovation.

Read More - New Conversations. New Technologies. New Interactions.

In this week's talk Future Cities Catapult Chief Innovation and Technology Officer Jarmo Eskelinen joins us to unpack the successes and challenges around smart cities and to share some global examples.

Read More - Rebooting Smart Cities

In this Lunchtime Talk, James and Sally Richards from Chromatrope and Glen Travis of Rock of Eye will join us to share their successes and challenges of making a live action 360 drama.

Read More - Ten Things We Learned Making a 360 Drama

In this Lunchtime Talk Dom Breadmore, Artistic Director of Ludic Rooms will give insights into the vision of their Random String project and the challenges of creating a workable project structure for unconvinced artists.

Read More - The Random String Fellowships - First Adventures in Technology

In this week's talk artist, researcher and Professor of City Futures Teresa Dillon talks about rethinking urban tourism and imagining spaces for tourists to experience cities in new ways.

Read More - Artistic Practices in Urban Contexts

In this week's talk newly joined Studio resident and artist Angela Davies will present SpyGlass - an immersive interactive robotic light navigator, a sculpture which places the user at the heart of the experience.

Read More - Illuminating Worlds

In this Lunchtime Talk Studio residents and game developers Owen Davies and Joe Blakeston will discuss the prototype of their game Foramina and the process of placing fine artist at the centre of the creative process.

Read More - Interacting with Nightmares

In this Lunchtime Talk, Studio resident Catherine Allen will share her own learnings as a producer of VR documentaries and argue that the media industry needs a new ethical framework for VR.

Read More - Building an ethical framework for Virtual Reality documentary

In this Lunchtime Talk studio resident Laura Kriefman will give an insight into the creativity she encountered at the recent Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Read More - Tales from the Playa

In this week's Lunchtime Talk Studio resident Simon Johnson will take us through a potted history of his work as a game designer.

Read More - Bakers dozen: 13 years of Play, Games, Theatre and Technology in the city

In this week's Lunchtime Talk we welcome our new Artist in Residence Edson Burton who will explore the gestation of the idea behind his residency and what he hopes to achieve during his time here.

Read More - Beyond the Binary: Adventures in Space Travel

This week we welcome the Digital DIY project from University of Westminster to interrupt our usual Lunchtime Talk format to run an active making workshop using Lego and other simple materials to make things, discuss making practice, and share ideas and experiences.

Read More - MakerLab workshop

Unfixed is a Creative Research project involving ten Australian and UK Deaf and disabled artists selected to investigate arts, disability and technology. In this Lunchtime Talk, the artists will share their creative process, ideas, challenges and inspirations.

Read More - Unfixed 2.0

For this Lunchtime Talk new Studio resident and UWE Professor of Media Arts Jen Stein will present some projects she has developed over the past few years that demonstrate the concept of Ambient Storytelling.

Read More - Ambient Storytelling for Personalised, Everyday, and Data-Driven Experiences

In this week's Lunchtime Talk we welcome Knowle West Media Centre to talk about The Bristol Approach to citizen sensing and the development of their damp-busting ‘Frogboxes'!

Read More - How can sensor tech and data be used for the common good?

The lunchtime talk and Open Studio Friday programme will be taking a break over the summer so that we can take our sandwiches out into the sunshine. Fear not, we're already busy lining up exciting speakers for September.

Read More - Summer Break

In this Lunchtime Talk we are delighted to welcome our 2016 New Talent Residents to the Studio community to introduce themselves, their work and their plans for the residency.

Read More - Introducing our 2016 New Talent Residents

In this Lunchtime Talk BBC R&D brings you a lunchtime of stories about storytelling in the new the now.

Read More - Doing Things for a Purpose Through the (new) Medium of Broadcasting

In this Lunchtime Talk we will be joined by the winners of the Future Cemetery Design Competition as they embark on their residency with Arnos Vale Cemetery to develop 'Sylvan Constellation' - an ambitious project that envisages a network of memorial vessels transforming biomass into light.

Read More - Designing our Future Cemeteries: From Biomass to Light

In place of the usual Lunchtime Talk come along and try the half baked experiment - the perfect place to test out your half-baked, barely-formed, super-early ideas, projects, prototypes, games, experiences and experiments.

Read More - Half Baked

In this week's Lunchtime Talk, fresh from the Sheffield DocFest Alternate Realities market, long time Studio friend and collaborator, Matt Golding from Rubber Republic joins us to share ideas and ambitions for upcoming project 'Music from the End of the World'.

Read More - Music from the End of the World

In this Lunchtime Talk urban designer Jenny Donovan talks about the importance of the compassionate city - a place where the balance of influences on people’s lives is such that their physical and social surroundings make it possible for them to meet their needs, thrive and fulfil their potential.

Read More - Designing The Compassionate City

The Met Office Informatics Lab combines scientists, engineers, technologists and designers to make environmental science and data useful. Join us this week to hear what they have been up to in their first year.

Read More - Useful and Beautiful Data

The studio will be taking a short break this bank holiday week. The normal Lunchtime Talk and Open Studio Friday programme will resume next Fri 3 June.

Read More - Short Pause

In this Lunchtime Talk Studio resident Tristan Powell talks about how he is developing a new way of interacting with music using body language and gestures and how he hopes to create a new type of performance royalty which will deliver revenues derived from the audience's interaction with music.

Read More - Bodyoki - Shaping The Way We Move To Music

In this Lunchtime Talk Jack Norris and Julia Thorneycroft join us to discuss Immersion Dance - an Arts Council-funded R&D project that uses special 3D video cameras to develop virtual and augmented reality dance choreography.

Read More - Immersion Dance - Exploring Volumetric Capture and Augmentation of Dance Performances

In this Lunchtime Talk studio residents Barney Heywood, Lucy Telling and Tim Cole discuss Mayfly - a place where you can store the sounds, scribbles and scraps of life through beautifully crafted products and an easy to use mobile app.

Read More - Creating Mayfly - The Sounds Of Life On The Pages Of A Book

In this Lunchtime Talk, designer and educator Becca Rose will share her approach to making a hybrid paper and digital book and talk about the story-making process, designing for learning, and her perspective on technology in education.

Read More - Paper Electronics - The Ancient Meets the Old Meets the New

In this Lunchtime Talk we will hear from the Braillists, a community group set up in Bristol in 2014 to connect Braille readers with Braille technology developers and funders at an early stage. The group now has over 200 members, and will talk about their process of product co-design and develeopment.

Read More - The Braillists and Canute

In this Lunchtime Talk technologist, interaction designer and Studio resident Tarim will tell some stories about what went right and what didn't go quite so right in the development of some of the installations he's worked on with various artists.

Read More - Bridging the Gap between Artists and Technologists

In this Lunchtime Talk Playable City Producer Hilary O’Shaughnessy joins us to share her learnings on the recent Playable City Sprint in Lagos, Nigeria.

Read More - Reflections on Playable City Lagos

Straight from their triumphant panel at SXSW Interactive, Studio residents Chloe Meineck, Peter Bennett, Tom Metcalfe and Studio Producer Verity McIntosh are back to share with us the panel that they gave at this year's festival.

Read More - SXSW - Subtle Interfaces: Designing for Calm Tech

Over the Easter weekend we are taking a short break from our lunchtime talk and Open Studio Friday programme. Normal service will resume on Friday 1 April.

Read More - Easter Break

In this Lunchtime Talk Studio resident Catherine Allen joins us to share her learnings on spacial storytelling for Virtual Reality, and to tell us about Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel, the VR documentary that she is currently producing with BBC iWonder, VRTOV and Crossover Labs..

Read More - Spacial Storytelling and Easter Rising - Voice of a Rebel

In this week's Lunchtime Talk, founder of Frissonic Sophie Alicia Shaw will introduce us to her new creation - part club night, part immersive installation and part alchemists lab.

Read More - Can We Rave in the Name of Science?

In this lunchtime talk, Tim Cole, one-third of Mayfly (with Stand + Stare) and director of the new Brigstow Institute will introduce some of the research themes and underlying values of Brigstow as well as the new set of funding opportunities.

Read More - Introducing Brigstow...

In a return to one of our favourite lunchtime talk formats, this week we are handing the reins over to you. If you have a project on the go, something coming up or an idea bubbling away, this is your chance to share it with us and with the lunchtime talk audience to get some support, feedback and inspiration.

Read More - Over to You

In this week's talk Studio Resident and vlogger Jon Aitken will be discussing the current landscape around the website YouTube, how traditional media is coping with the meteoric rise of prominent YouTubers, and just what is vlogging?

Read More - What is a vlogger? Jon Aitken on the current YouTube landscape

In this week's talk Paul Myles, Editorial and Engagement Manager at storytelling organisation On Our Radar will join us to talk about how they are getting perspectives from some of the most remote and marginalised communities using simple technology solutions to overcome connectivity issues.

Read More - Enabling Digital Storytelling from Remote or Offline Communities

This week we are joined by Samantha Payne: Studio resident and co founder of Open Bionics - an award-winning startup creating affordable 3D printed superhero hands for adult and young amputees.

Read More - The Maker Movement, 3D Printing and Bionic Hands

In this week's talk, Alex Fleetwood joins us to talk about the amazing physical-digital-connected-party-stacking game Fabulous Beasts and its journey from rapid prototype development during REACT’s Play Sandbox, through to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign.

Read More - Fabulous Beasts

In this week's talk we hear from Studio resident Tom Abba who is kicking off a two year research project to design and develop a new literary genre, ambient literature - a literary experience responsive to a reader's situation, delivered or mediated by digital technology.

Read More - Ambient Literature with Tom Abba

This week Richard Crandon, Director of On Par Productions, will talk about focusing on new ways audiences can experience and interact with Virtual Reality content.

Read More - Conductor360 - Controlling Music in a Virtual Reality Environment

We will be taking a short break from the Lunchtime Talk and Open Studio Friday programme over the Christmas period, but we're already busy lining up exciting speakers for January. Check back soon for further details.

Read More - Winter Break

This week Designer, maker and Studio resident Molly Price and founder of The Laser House in Bristol, Fiona Dowling will be joining us to share their recent experiences exploring maker culture in China.

Read More - Making in China with Molly Price and Fiona Dowling

This week studio residents Amy Rose and May Abdalla from Anagram will join us to share their experience of creating NIGHTWATCHERS, an immersive night-time experience at the Tower of London.

Read More - Nightwatchers - Designing for the Tower of London

In this week's Lunchtime Talk, new Studio resident Dr. Jennifer Whitney will explore the Barbie doll-like persona of hip hop artist Nicki Minaj, tracing this persona’s 5-year evolution and consider its meaning to Minaj’s devoted fans.

Read More - Pink Friday Fandom: Becoming Barbie with Hip Hop Artist Nicki Minaj

To coincide with the first screening of Tangerine at Watershed, a film about transgender sex workers captured entirely on an iPhone 5s, filmmaker and former RIFE journalist Jack Edwards will talk us through the art of mobile cinematography.

Read More - Jack Edwards: Making Movies with your Mobile

Many of the staff, residents and friends of the Studio will be temporarily recamping to the centre of Bristol for The Rooms festival, so we are calling a temporary halt to this week's lunchtime talk and Open Studio Friday session.

Read More - Making room for The Rooms: No Lunchtime Talk

In a late change to this week's Lunchtime Talk visiting researcher Jakob Borrits Sabrato joins us to share some of his ideas and emerging projects on the Future of the Cemetery and explores some complex and deeply personal questions about what we want to happen to our physical, and increasingly our digital selves after we die.

Read More - Imagining Future Designs for Death, Disposal and Display

In this week's talk Studio resident Matt Bjerregaard will talk us through the creative process behind his new project Sense of Place which involved making a large scale hybrid zoetrope that captures the narrative of a British prisoner of war.

Read More - Discovering Sense of Place through a large scale hybrid zoetrope

What if you couldn't just hear people's opinion but feel them too? One hundred people contributed to the artwork Sentiment, making a chorus of humanity through sound and touch. In this week's talk Creative Director of Sentiment Diane Wiltshire will be discussing the different stages of the project.

Read More - Sentiment

In this week's talk, Cirque Bijou Director Julian Bracey will consider the challenges involved in touring complex show-ready technologies to multiple venues.

Read More - Cirque Bijou: Technology on Tour – Using Ambitious Technology Effectively in Touring Shows

In this week's Lunchtime Talk, Artistic Director of The Other Way Works and Studio resident Katie Day will take us behind the polished hotel exterior and spill the beans on what its like to create and produce an interactive theatre production in an operational hotel.

Read More - The Making of Black Tonic: Where Technology Meets Theatre Adventure in a Hotel

In this week's talk Andy Littledale, Senior Product Manager, TV and Video at Twitter will share with us how his Bristol-based social TV start up, Second-Sync went from first prototype to aquisition by Twitter in 2014.

Read More - Our experience building up a Bristol start up, from conception to Twitter acquisition

In this week's talk choral composer and performance maker Jenny Bell will tell you a bit about her current compositional R&D to make a choir out of the entire symposium in order to create the choral version of what radically different voices sound like when they work together.

Read More - A Chorus of Bollocks: The Music of What People Really Think

In this week's lunchtime talk, Diego, Jarrod and Paul from Bristol Interaction Group at Bristol University will present PowerStream; a system which allows users to quickly share power between mobile devices, using inductive power transfer.

Read More - Mobile Power as a Sharable Commodity

In this week's talk UWE lecturer and studio resident Tom Mitchell and creative technologies intern Ed Davies will present their recent work evolving molecular aesthetics: creating an Interactive Evolutionary Computation interface for their danceroom Spectroscopy project.

Read More - Evolving Atomic and Molecular Aesthetics

The lunchtime talk and Open Studio Friday programme will be taking a break over the summer so that they can take their sandwiches out into the sunshine. Fear not, they're already busy lining up exciting speakers for September.

Read More - Summer Break

In this week's talk product designer, maker, manufacturing engineer and 3D printing enthusiast Richard de Lancey will talk about how to start a hardware company in the light of his experiences in the Studio and with the UK, Chinese and Malaysian manufacturing scenes.

Read More - Hardware Startups, Manufacturing, and the Far East - A How To

In this week's talk Danae Stanton Fraser, Professor in Human Computer Interaction and REACT producer Jo Lansdowne reflect on their experience of working with children in a recent Play Sandbox initiative to build six prototypes that use digital technology to reimagine board games, robot toys, apps, dens and playgrounds in thoughtful and surprising ways.

Read More - Are the Kids Alright? Collaborative Design with Children in Play Sandbox

In this week's talk, Studio resident Tim Kindberg will explain the thinking and technology behind a new project called Time for Rights which aims to engage with young people around the world about human rights issues.

Read More - Time for Rights

Kev Kirkland, Studio Resident and founder of Data Unity will talk about inspirational projects that bring data to life, looking at examples from data visualisation, social data, art and interactive documentaries.

Read More - Making Data Meaningful

In this week’s talk at the Pervasive Media Studio, digital artist and creative coder Seb Lee-Delisle will be showing us that really amazing things can happen when we take our computers out into the elements.

Read More - Bringing Computing into the Real World

In this week's talk the reins are being handed over to you. If you have a project on the go, something coming up or an idea bubbling away, this is your chance to share it with us and with the Lunchtime Talk audience to get some support, feedback and inspiration.

Read More - Over To You

In this week's talk, Virtual Reality Gaming pioneer Nonny De la Peña explains the concept of 'immersive journalism' and how she is pushing technological boundaries for narrative endeavours, including exploring 3D environments for fiction, news, and documentary.

Read More - Experiments in VR and Immersive Journalism

In this week's talk designer Andrew Cook will introduce the project Six Speaking Chairs that looks at ways in which people that use speech synthesis technology might restore some control to their tone of voice to help them tackle this frequent cause of misunderstandings and assumptions of emotional or intellectual impairment.

Read More - Designing Interactions with Tone of Voice

In this week's talk Studio resident Tara Sachdeva and Matt Mulligan will talk about Compass Presents, which creates immersive events and encounters that combine visual content, music and performance, and present their current project The Caligari Experience.

Read More - Compass Presents The Caligari Experience

In this week's talk at the Pervasive Media Studio, visual artist and conservation scientist Matthew Bjerregaard Walsh takes us on a journey through his working on some of the most exciting and experimental camera techniques of recent times.

Read More - Evolving Eyes for Environmental Narratives

In this weeks talk the director of Mayfest Matthew Austin will be talking about the upcoming festival, one of the highlights of Bristol's cultural calendar.

Read More - Mayfest in conversation

In this weeks talk Robin McNicholas, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Marshmallow Laser Feast -a studio exploring the line between virtual and real-world 360 experiences - talks about the evolution of 360 degree storytelling with a particular focus on the rapid growth in virtual reality.

Read More - 360 Degree Storytelling

In this week's talk Simon Kampa, CEO of Senseye - a developer of complex condition monitoring systems- explores how, in the age of the Internet of Things, you best represent vast amounts of interrelated and complex data without overwhelming the end users.

Read More - Making the Internet of Things predictable for everyone?

In this weeks talk studio resident and artist Sabrina Shirazi will be talking about the concept and developmental journey of Cuisine+Colour, which is serving to pioneer an original way of relishing food, where colour is delicious and cuisine is to dye for.

Read More - Cuisine+Colour

The Pervasive Media Studio are taking a short break from their lunchtime talk and Open Studio Friday programme. Normal service will resume on Friday 10 April. See the events listings for full details of talks and events coming up. Have a very Happy Easter !

Read More - Easter Break

In this week's talk Studio resident, Joe Ryan talks about VRgo chair, a new kind of movement controller that he hopes will resolve some of the common problems related to locomotion in Virtial Reality such as practicality, motion sickness and cost.

Read More - How Do We Take A Stroll In Virtual Reality?

In this week's talk, Miriam Gosling from Congo Calling talks about the human rights implications of generating the raw materials used in our mobile phones, tablets and games consoles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Read More - Conflict Free Mobile Phones

In this week's talk Studio resident Becky Sage will introduce Nano Simbox, Interactive Scientific's latest experiment in making the nano-world of particles and forces not just visible, but interactive and influenceable by your own energetic fields.

Read More - Nano Simbox

In this weeks talk REACT producer Katherine Jewkes will be discussing how different digital technologies can be used to enhance and enliven creative Productions.

Read More - Using Digital Technology in Live Performance

In this week's talk studio resident James Wheale introduces a new start up called Understory which are utilising neurogastronomy, storytelling and emergent technology in an attempt to better understand our most common behaviour as a species; dining.

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In this weeks talk Fujiko Nakaya, Japanese Artist and pioneer of installation and video art will discuss her new installation Fog Bridge, that is taking place on Peros Bridge as part of the forthcoming In Between Time Festival.

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In this week's free talk at the Pervasive Media Studio Julian Sykes, Jaqui Mulville and Andrew Cochrane discuss 'Connected Objects', a REACT funded project looking at how we can bring personalisation and Role Playing gaming techniques to the museum experience.

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In this week's talk digital media artist and filmmaker Karen Palmer will be exploring how combining Art, Tech and Gamification can focus and train the mind and ultimately empower the user.

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In this week's talk novelists Nikesh Shukla and Chris Killen will be discussing how to write about social media in a literary way.

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In this week's talk Jane Grant and John Matthias, Associate Professors in Digital and Sonic Arts at Plymouth University will talk about The Fragmented Orchestra, a geographically distributed musical structure that mirrors the way the human brain processes sound to produce a compelling and ever-changing new instrument and composition.

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In this week's free talk designer Dean Brown joins us to introduce his new project, which translates 19th Century craft theory into 21st Century design

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In this week's talk Ed Rogers, Director of Bristol Braille Technology, discusses the development of their new prototype Canute, a Braille ebook reader and new tool in their fight for blind literacy.

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Watershed's Engagement Producer, Hannah Higginson has invited Knowle West Media Centre's young digital producers to join us in the Studio to share some of their activities and aspirations using technology to generate data feeds and visualise information in exciting and accessible ways.

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In this free Lunchtime Talk at the Pervasive Media Studio Researcher Mo Haghighi from Bristol University will introduce us to multidisciplinary smart house project SPHERE which asks if technology could be the answer to problems such as obesity and depression in a rapidly ageing population

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Artist in residence Tom Marshman discusses his micro-residency work Move Over Darling, a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered history project which collects older LGBT peoples' stories.

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Silas Adekunle from Reach Robotics will give us an insight into the latest developments in digital/phyical play and his work developing internet-connected robot creatures in this free Lunchtime Talk at the Pervasive Media Studio.

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This free Lunchtime Talk at the Pervasive Media Studio is guest presented by Mandy Rose, director of the Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England and features work by multimedia designer and visual artist, Oscar Raby.

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Join us at this free Lunchtime Talk with Studio resident Rosie Poebright of Splash & Ripple, whose mission to make beautiful, genuinely moving experiences that put the participants at the centre of the action.

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In this Lunchtime Talk at the Pervasive Media Studio, we'll be joined by Nick Davies, CEO of startup Neighbourly, a new social network which connects community projects and charities with companies ready to help.

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Alex Fleetwood former founding director of game design studio Hide & Seek, now revelling in industrious unemployment, will discuss games for children, play as product and possibly introduce a top secret new project or two.

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