Charles Leadbeater

Over the course of the next 6 months we will commission thought leadership pieces and artistic interventions to explore the concept of “Openness” as it relates to all aspects of City development – from personal to political, infrastructure to innovation. Read more

Waag society fab lab

Waag Society

Open Design describes a revolution where the principles and technologies of the internet (social, transparent, distributed) are empowering people to make and understand products and processes. Read more


Haidee Bell & Greg Hadfield

Open City will explore the principles of open government and the impacts of digital technology in creating new opportunities for active dialogue between citizens and authorities. Read more

Thumbail culture

Rachel Coldicutt & John McGrath

Under the heading Open Culture we explore how the idea of the cultural institution can continue to thrive in the age of connection and sharing. Read more

alameda s damaso_8412

Graham Hitchen et al

Within the Smart City think piece we would like to engage key thinkers on the concept of the Internet of Things and forecast the future of small city development in a connected world.

Read more