War of the Worlds 1953

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Social Media vs Relationships

This week Rife journalist Adibah Iqbal went on a mission to find out what Bristol's public thinks about online dating and how social media affects relationships.



DJ Ollie Teeba (Herbaliser/Soundsci) presents War of the Worlds

Fri 28 Nov 22:00 (DJ Set) 23:00 (film)

Keep your eyes to the skies! On Friday night the Herbaliser's Ollie Teeba presents an inspired re-imagining and homage to the mother of all alien invasion thrillers, sci fi classic War of the Worlds.

Christmas Baubles

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Are you looking for a cosy place to sit down for a relaxed festive meal with table service overlooking the Harbourside? Join us for your Christmas meal - check it out here!


Stations of the Cross

Fri 28 Nov - Thu 4 Dec

Maria is a 14-year old girl caught between the temptations of a teenage world and her conservative Catholic family in this note-perfect drama, a harrowing yet beautiful look at fanaticism.

Muhammad Ali boxing

I Am Ali

Opens Fri 28 Nov

An intimate look at the man behind the boxing legend, told through exclusive, unprecedented access to Ali's personal archive of audio journals, combined with candid interviews and testimonials from his inner circle of family and friends.

The Imitation Game Benedict Cumberbatch

The Imitation Game

Now screening

Benedict Cumberbatch surely has an Oscar® nomination in the bag for his performance mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing, who helped crack the seemingly unbreakable Nazi enigma code.

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We offer imaginative choices to meet your conference needs, delivered in the inspirational surroundings of this independent organisation with its intimate and vibrant atmosphere. With customers at the heart of our organisation Watershed delivers a diverse programme of films, events, festivals and conferences.

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We are committed to projecting passion, care and pride in the whole Watershed experience. Our food is now as organic, seasonal, locally sourced and ethically produced as we can possibly make it. Sample our menu, get some drinks in or just come for a coffee before or after a film – the choice is up to you.

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19 Nov, 2014
Catching Up With DepicT! '14 Winner Daniel Chisholm

Learn about DepicT! '14 award winner Daniel Chisholm's filmmaking journey, two months on from his big win!