Shortlist 2013


This sounds like a lovely idea and would make me happy.

Thanks Tamsin! I'm glad you like it. It was a really fun proposal to put together. :)

What a wonderful idea. I can imagine this working so well in bringing a little fun to some otherwise dull corners of a city.

I like the subtlety of this idea, simple and elegant. Plays on the whole world of twitter, but transforms it into something poetic...

Simple, subtle and super sweet. Could the birds also sing lyrics? Think this might make people interact with it more....

Hi Hannah! Thanks for the kind words.

We gave the idea of lyrics some thought, it's a really tricky question. You're right that in some ways it might make people more likely to interact with the birds, but the downsides are that it moves it away from being a representation of birdsong - and opens up the system to some potentially rude messages!

So our solution is to to make a system that picks out words and sentiment from a message, and converts that into birdsong - some of the words will be understandable, and will use vocoding and other audio techniques (which we get excited about) to make them sound like birds. One of our aims is to make people stop in their tracks and say "Did a bird just speak to me?!" and I think the best way to do that is to make the sound really straddle that divide between abstract and literal.

Good idea

beautiful and simple as a piece of art/sound installation - perhaps do it anyway even if it doesn't quite fit in my mind with the playable city

Thanks Rach! I'm glad you like it, and we'll certainly do our best to make it happen no matter what. :)

This is a great idea, really simple for people to get involved with and play with, and it'd go down really well with folks in Bristol! Do it!

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