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Photograph of Watershed Café & Bar

The beating heart of Watershed

Watershed Café & Bar is the perfect social space overlooking Bristol’s vibrant Harbourside.

These are our new opening times
from Tuesday 1 September:

  • Tue to Sun, 12:00 - 22:00
  • Food served every day 12:00 – 20:00
  • Closed Mondays

We’ve reduced the capacity in the Café & Bar and installed social distance markers on the floor to make it easier for everyone to keep a safe distance.

Visiting and using the Café & Bar

Book in advance

We encourage you to book a table in advance online before heading out to visit us (you don’t need to be eating with us to book a table – you can still have a table if you’re just drinking).

You can still drop in and see if there are tables available in the Café & Bar or buy cinema and event tickets at Box Office in person. But we recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Maximum 6 people.

Photo of a Café & Bar host in full PPE

When you arrive

You will be greeted by a friendly Café & Bar welcome host in PPE who will invite you to use the hand sanitiser provided and direct you to your table.

Ordering Food & Drink

On your table you’ll find instructions for ordering and paying for food and drink via your phone, laptop or tablet. There is free wi-fi in our Café & Bar.

Don't worry if you don't have a phone, laptop or tablet – speak to one of our staff and they will help you with your food and drink order.

Your food and/or drinks will be delivered to your table.



Lunchtime and evening

Lunchtime and evening

The following menu is available Tuesday to Sunday 12 noon until 8pm.

Good to Share

  • Double cheese nachos Vegetarian Gluten free £8.00
    Freshly baked tortillas, Monterey Jack, Red Leicester cheese, sour cream, salsa

    Add jalapeños or guacamole  Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £1.50

  • Double cheese nachos fully loaded Gluten free £11.50
    Freshly baked tortillas, Monterey Jack, Red Leicester cheese, sour cream and your choice of either braised beef chilli or vegan lentil chilli
    Add jalapeños or guacamole  Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £1.50

Light Bites: delicious small plates

  • Corn chips, hummus, olives Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £4.25
  • Soup of the day, fresh bread Vegetarian Vegan option available £4.85
  • Leek, courgette and cheddar Quesadilla with salsa Vegetarian £5.50
  • Falafel, mixed leaves, avocado vegan mayo Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £5.50
  • Panzanella, roast red onion Vegetarian Vegan option available £6.00
  • Glass noodle salad, sesame and soy dressing Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £6.50
  • Braised beef chilli or Vegan lentil chilli, corn chips Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £6.50
  • Tart of the day, dressed mixed leaves Vegetarian £6.75


  • Turlu Turlu, yoghurt and gremolata Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £7.00
    Middle Eastern Ratatouille, vegan yoghurt with a parsley, lemon and garlic garnish
  • Oyster mushroom katsu curry, brown rice Vegetarian Vegan option available £8.00
  • Smoked haddock* and mustard fishcakes, parsnip crisps Gluten free £9.00
  • Sausage, mashed potatoes, onion gravy, crispy onion £10.50
  • Mexican bean burger, guacamole, fries, vegan mayonnaise Vegetarian £11.50
  • Herefordshire beef burger, fries, garlic mayonnaise £12.50
  • Watershed fish* and chips £12.50
    Beer battered fish, chunky chips and tartare sauce


  • Fries Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £2.50 / £3.50
  • Hand cut chunky chips Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £3.00 / £4.00
  • Add salsa Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free
    guacamole Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free or
    cheese Vegetarian Gluten free £1.50
  • Dressed mixed leaves Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £2.50
  • Sesame Slaw Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £2.50
  • Garlic greens Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £2.50
  • Bread and butter Vegetarian £2.50
  • Crushed peas, chilli, mint, coriander Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £2.50


  • Cheese Vegetarian Gluten free £1.50
  • Guacamole Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £1.50
  • Salsa Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £1.50
  • Hummus Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £1.50
  • Jalapenos Vegetarian Vegan option available Gluten free £1.50
  • Beef chilli £3.50
  • Lentil chilli Vegetarian £3.50


  • Burts Crisps £1.30
    Sea salt, mature cheddar and spring onion, salt and vinegar
  • Propercorn popcorn £1.60
    Lightly salted, sweet and salty
  • Mr Filberts Nut Mix £1.80
    Sea salt mixed nuts

Please see our blackboard behind the bar for dishes of the day and specials.

Vegetarian Vegetarian  Vegan option available Vegan option available  Gluten free Gluten Free
*may contain bones

Children’s menu

Children’s menu

The following menu is available Tuesday to Sunday 12 noon until 8pm.

Suitable for children aged 12 and under

  • Sausage and mash, served with garden peas £6.00
  • Veggie nuggets, served with garden peas and fries Vegan option available £6.00
  • Fish* goujons, served with garden peas and fries £6.00

Vegan option available Vegan

*may contain bones



The following menu is available Tuesday to Sunday 12 noon until 10pm.

Hot Drinks


  • Cup of tea/pot for one/pot for two £1.95/£2.15/£3.70
    Clipper organic teas: English breakfast, earl grey, green, lemon and ginger, peppermint, rooibos, chamomile, wild berry, decaf


  • Filter coffee £1.70/£2.00
  • Americano £2.60
  • Flat white £2.70
  • Latte £2.85
  • Cappuccino £2.50/£2.90
  • Mocha £2.95
  • Espresso £2.00/£2.50
  • Macchiato £2.10/£2.60
  • Iced coffee £2.95
  • Hot chocolate £2.90
  • Children’s hot chocolate £1.50
  • Chai Latte £2.90
  • Babycino £0.80
  • Cream £0.25
  • Marshmallows £0.25

Soft Drinks

  • Still/Sparkling Belu water £1.50
  • Diet Coke £1.60/£2.80
  • Lemonade £1.60/£2.80
  • Coke £1.70/£2.90
  • Cawston Press Carton £1.90
    Apple & Summer Berries / Apple & Pear
  • Old Jamaica Ginger Beer £2.00
  • Fever Tree Low Cal Tonic Water £2.00
  • Tonic Water/Ginger Ale £2.10
  • San Pellegrino £2.15
    Limonata / Blood Orange
  • Eager Fruit Juice £2.30/£3.30
    Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple
  • Big Tom Tomato Juice £2.65
  • Appletiser £2.95
  • Elderflower Presse £2.95
  • Frobisher’s £2.95
  • Passionfruit & Orange / Apple & Raspberry £2.95

Alcoholic Beverages


  • Sulis 4.2% £4.20/£2.25
  • San Miguel 5.0% £4.60/£2.35
  • Goose Island IPA 5.9% £5.70/£2.90
  • Bounders Cider 5.5% £4.40/£2.30


  • Estrella Alcohol Free 0%, 300ml £3.00
  • Birra Moretti 4.6%, 330ml £3.80
  • Corona 4.6%, 330ml £3.80
  • Peroni Gluten-Free 5.1%, 330ml £3.80
  • Bath Ales Dark Side 4.0%, 500ml £4.80
  • Crabbies Ginger Beer 4.0%, 500ml £4.80
  • Proper Job Cornish IPA 5.5%, 500ml £4.80
  • Norcotts Cider 4.0%, 500ml £4.80


  • Watershed Gin 40%, 25ml £3.50
  • Hendrick’s Gin 41.4%, 25ml £4.00
  • Whiskey 40%, 25ml £3.50
  • Malt Whisky 40%, 25ml £4.50
  • Jack Daniels 40%, 25ml £3.50
  • Southern Comfort 35%, 25ml £3.50
  • Sailor Jerry 40%, 25ml £3.50
  • Havana Gold Rum 40%, 25ml £3.50
  • Smirnoff Vodka 37.5%, 25ml £3.50
  • Tequila 38%, 25ml £3.50
  • Martell VS 40%, 25ml £3.70

House Wine

  • Red, White and Rose £4.90 175ml / £6.30 250ml / £18.50 bottle
    Please ask a member of the team for today’s House Wine.


  • Chardonnay Woolloomooloo, Australia £5.20 175ml / £6.80 250ml / £20.00 bottle
    An unoaked Chardonnay full of tropical fruit flavours. A rounded wine with a crisp, clean, balanced finish.
  • Pinot Grigio and Inzolia Sapuri, Italy £5.50 175ml / £7.20 250ml / £21.00 bottle
    The fresh aromas of citrus and peach lead to flavours of apple and pear and a zesty finish.
  • Chenin Blanc La Lisse Soie d’Ivoire, France £6.30 175ml / £8.40 250ml / £25.00 bottle
    A bright, lemony and densely fruity ensemble which has a long-lasting finish
  • Sauvignon Blanc The Great Wave, New Zealand £6.90 175ml / £8.90 250ml / £26.50 bottle
    Aromatic, with flavours of citrus, gooseberry and passion fruit. Crisp and refreshing, with a delicate minerality and a good length of flavour.


  • Shiraz Woolloomooloo, Australia £5.20 175ml / £6.80 250ml / £20.00 bottle
    Smooth and rich on the palate with spicy flavours of dark berry fruits, the balanced tannins help deliver a tremendously concentrated finish.
  • Pinot Noir Reserve St Martin, France £5. 50 175ml / £7.40 250ml / £22.00 bottle
    Tannins are soft and very supple, aromas vary from raspberry hints to morello cherries.
  • Malbec Para Dos, Argentina £6.90 175ml / £8.70 250ml / £26.50 bottle
    Fruity, black cherries and blackberries combine with sweet vanilla spice and nutty aromas. Round and ripe with a soft plummy finish.
  • Rioja Puerta Vieja Crianza Spain £6.90 175ml / £8.90 250ml / £26.50 bottle
    Fresh fruit and liquorice aromas. Soft in the mouth with pleasant velvety tannins on a nice long harmonious finish.

Vegan Wines


  • Sauvignon, Verdejo and Airen RAW, Spain £6.10 175ml / £8.20 250ml / £24.00 bottle
    Organic, vegan wine. Peach, citrus and spices with a light and fresh finish.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot RAW, Spain £6.10 175m / £8.20 250ml / £24.00 bottle
    Organic, vegan wine. Dark fruit spices with a full and fruity finish.
  • Merlot Otra Tierra, Chile £6.10 175ml / £8.20 250ml / £24.00 bottle
    Smooth and easy-drinking. Rich, intense and packed full of blackberries and blueberries.


  • Cava Can Petit Penedes, Spain £4.60 125ml / £27.00 bottle
    A light, crisp and elegant wine, with plenty of mousse, full of flavour and a ripe rounded finish – a perfect wine with which to reacquaint yourself with Spain’s famous fizz.
  • Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut £50.00 bottle
    Classic, structured, full bodied and bursting with fruits this Champagne remains true to the ambitious promise made by Floren-Louis Heidsieck in 1785, to be ‘worthy of a Queen’.


Photo of David Ellington signing in Watershed Café & Bar

David Ellington signing Roald Dahl's Matilda in Watershed Café & Bar

At Watershed we want to be as welcoming, inclusive and accessible as we can for all our customers, audiences, staff and visitors. 

Our building is accessible, our staff are BSL trained, we have gender neutral toilets and we run an accessible programme of screenings and events.

Further access details

Here are some questions you may have about visiting the Café & Bar:

Do I need to download an app to order food and drink?

No, all orders will be processed via a website, we’ll provide the address to visit on your table. You just need a phone, laptop or tablet.

I don’t have a phone, laptop or tablet. Can I still order food and drink with you?

Yes, of course! Just speak to a member of staff and they will provide you with a paper menu/order form you can complete.

Are there any restrictions on tables?

Up to six people can have a table. We’ll hold tables for 15 minutes, if you haven’t arrived after 15 minutes we will release it. We kindly ask to have the table back 60 or 90 minutes after your booked time (this varies according to the time of date you’ve booked – the time will be detailed on your email confirmation) – if you wish to extend your booking just ask a member of staff and they’ll check availability.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

No, you don’t need to wear a face covering whilst eating or drinking in the Café & Bar. You will need to wear a face covering whilst in the cinemas and moving around the building, in accordance with Government guidelines

Are families welcome?

Yes, families are welcome in the Café & Bar. Please just make sure children remain seated at the table and that they are accompanied to the toilet by an adult.

What toilets can I use if I’m visiting the Café & Bar?

Follow the signs for the toilets via the entrance to Waterside 1. One person (or household or bubble) per toilet block will be allowed at any one time to help maintain social distancing. Visit our Toilets guide for more information.

Are you doing Cinébites?

At the moment due to restrictions on capacity and resource we are not running the Cinébites offer.

How do I exit the Café & Bar?

You can leave via the stairs or lift going down to Box Office and follow the Exit sign to the right, out the ground floor accessible door.

My question isn’t answered here. How can I find the answer?

Email the Watershed communications team at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Further information

Café & Bar opening times

From Tuesday 1 September:

  • Tue to Sun, 12:00 - 22:00
  • Food served every day 12:00 – 20:00
  • Closed Mondays

Dietary requirements

If you'd like to know more about what ingredients are used in our food, please download our allergen list

Please note

We politely ask our customers not to consume their own food in our Café & Bar.


For any further enquiries:

For location, access info, general transport and parking options for Watershed:

Go to our visit page