To expect a ‘turned on’ child of the electric age to respond to the old education modes is rather like expecting an eagle to swim. It’s simply not within his environment, and therefore incomprehensible.


These interviews are short excerpts from discussions with a series of people who knew McLuhan or have been influenced by his ideas.

Photo of Ihor Holubizky

Ihor Holubizky is Senior Curator at McMaster University in Hamilton. He encountered McLuhan on several occasions and on visiting him at his home, found that he did repeat himself.

Photo of Robert Bowers

Robert Bowers was the co-founder of 'A Space' in Toronto, an artist led project that McLuhan frequented during his time at the University of Toronto.

Photo of Robert Fulford

Robert Fulford is a well known writer and broadcaster, who critiqued McLuhan's work in the 1960s and became a correspondent with him.

Photo of Stacey Spiegel

Stacey Spiegel is an artist and new media specialist who has a hybrid practice as a maker, theorist and Director of the Rockheim Musem in Norway.