Looking For Love Director's Q&A

What is the state of love and relationships in contemporary black British communities? Why are there so many single people of all ages out there? What is love anyway, and can you keep a good relationship going?

Looking For Love is a frank documentary from Menelik Shabazz (director of the Bristol hit The Story of Lovers Rock) that combines music and performance with intimate interviews with individuals, groups, psychologists and comedians about love, sex, intimacy, psychology and forgiveness.

We were proud to host a post-screening Q&A with Looking For Love director Menelik Shabazz, his wife Nefertiti, hosted by Dr Edson Burton. In this recording of the event, hear our guests discuss the making of the film, including social counsellor Nefertiti's role in recruiting people to speak about their experiences on film.

The audience also ask questions of Menelik, Nefertiti and Edson and they read some of the love letters and poems by black writers and poets that the Come The Revolution group (who curated the event) distributed on the cinema seats, as part of the event.

Part of Come The Revolution