Ray Winstone In Conversation

In this post-screening Q&A, we got up close and personal with Ray Winstone, the nation’s favourite “hard man” and one of the most charismatic actors of his generation.

Famous for his uncompromising roles in Scum, Nil By Mouth, and Sexy Beast (which screened before this talk), Ray reveals what it was like growing up in the East End of London during the sixties, and shares some of the ins and outs of his movie career which spans an impressive four decades.

From cutting his teeth on the same streets as infamous criminals the Kray’s, to working with the likes of Ben Kingsley, Gary Oldman and Jack Nicholson, Ray offers a unique insight into his life, both on and off screen. 

He also talks about his first forays into acting and auditioning, his favourite films to shoot, as well as the time his idea for a scene in The Departed was dismissed as too violent by acclaimed director Martin Scorsese - who, as Ray points out, is not exactly known for his squeamishness!

Ray’s take on things is intriguing, nuanced and just a little bit candid – and we loved it! Watch this talk and be entertained, as you get gritty with this fascinating and beloved British icon.

Ben Thompson is an author who currently contributes to the FT, Mojo and the Sunday Telegraph. As well as two critically acclaimed collections of rock journalism (Seven Years of Plenty and Ways of Hearing) and a landmark history of modern British comedy (Sunshine on Putty), he has also co-written memoirs with Vic Reeves (Me Moir), Phil Daniels (Class Actor), Mike Skinner (The Story of the Streets), Dizzee Rascal (as yet untitled), and others who prefer the collaborative nature of their best-selling autobiographical endeavours to remain a private matter.

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