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Desert Island Flicks: John Coates

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Producer John Coates, who has worked on some of the landmarks in British animation over the last 40 years including the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (1968) and the Oscar-nominated and Bafta-winning animation for The Snowman (1982), picks his eight favourite animations and talks about his working life.

18 Nov 2009

Duration: 1hour 17mins

John Coates is a BAFTA-winning, Oscar nominated producer best known for his long-standing collaboration with illustrator and graphic novelist Raymond Briggs.

Coates has worked as managing director of TVC (TV Cartoons Limited), the famous animation studio behind landmark animated films such as The Yellow Submarine (1968), The Snowman (1982), and When The Wind Blows (1986).

The Yellow Submarine is now considered a landmark film in the history of animation, and has been credited with bringing more interest in animation as a serious art form.

In 1982 TVC adapted Raymond Briggs’ book The Snowman into a half hour TV special, which subsequently went on receive an Oscar nomination and win many awards, including the British Academy Award for the best children’s film.

In this video, John Coates speaks to Helen Brunsdon (Aardman) about his working life, and shares eight of his favourite animations of all time.