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Jez Colborne

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Driven by a life-long fascination with warning sirens, Jez Colborne can hear music where most of us hear noise.

Duration: 1min 33secs

Original | Subtitled | Audio Described

Irresistible: Call of The Sirens radically reworks the mythical story of Odysseus and how he narrowly survived the devastating Sirens who used their hypnotic song to lure sailors to their death.

Jez Colborne is a composer, musician and performer with Williams syndrome. As a child he was terrified of the sound of police sirens. In time, however, he has learned to love his former tormentor. Drawing upon his travels in the UK, USA and China and working in collaboration with Bradford’s Mind the Gap, Jez has created something truly irresistible.

Music & Composition: Jez Colborne
Irresistible: Call of the Sirens is produced by Mind the Gap.