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Jimmy's Hall - Ken Loach Q&A

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Award-winning, politically motivated, social realist director Ken Loach visited Watershed for this very special screening of Jimmy's Hall, rumoured to be his last feature. In this post-screening Q&A event he speaks to Mark Cosgrove, Cinema Curator at Watershed about shooting in Ireland and telling an activist's story.

2 Jun 2014

Duration: 38mins 58secs

Jimmy's Hall tells the true story of political activist Jimmy Gralton (played here by Barry Ward), a communist who dared to defy the establishment when he returned to his native Ireland from New York in 1921, and set up a free-thinking village dance hall on a rural crossroads, much to the chagrin of the Catholic Church.

In an unlikely turn of events, studio giants Pixar helped Loach complete the film by sending over their entire stock of edge-numbering tape, required for editing, and it could well be the last ever feature film made in the traditional way (that is, shot on film and edited on film).

In this very special event, Loach presents the film and takes questions from the audience. What follows is a moving and frank discussion of community, politics, spaces for free thought and discussion, Ireland and the Catholic Church. One audience member even asks Loach not to end his career!

Jimmy's Hall is playing at Watershed until Thu 12 June, 2014. Book tickets here.