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Juneau Projects

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Collaborating with Thinking Machines<br><br>Artists Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth of Juneau Projects spent four months in residence at Watershed's Pervasive Media Studio asking robots to use their creativity and artistic judgement.

Oct 2012 - Jan 2013

Duration: 4mins 27secs

Can we collaborate with 'thinking machines' to make new physical artworks? This is the question artists Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth of Juneau Projects are exploring.

They spent their time in residence at Watershed’s Pervasive Media Studio collaborating with robotics specialist and studio resident Ad Spiers, and an unusually artistic robot. They wanted to know how technology can directly affect artistic practice, rather than simply serving as a cog in the human creative process. So can a robot make its own aesthetic decisions in the creation of drawn or painted artworks?

“Our residency at Watershed was an exceptional opportunity to explore how technology can inform what we make, rather than being just a tool employed in the process. Meeting robotics specialist Ad Spiers at the Studio has enabled us to take our investigation much further than we had imagined. In just three months we have created a bespoke robot that translates drawings given to it and renders them as hand-drawn images. The robot has been programmed to determine its own movement, resulting in a unique emergent drawing style. We are delighted with the results.” Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth

Read their artist blog to follow their creative process.

 Juneau Projects and fellow residents Geiger-Müller Sound System, are supported by Watershed's Studio Residencies 2012 development programme, funded by Arts Council England.