Lunchtime talk write-up

Can You Feel What I See?

Posted on Mon 19 Jun 2017

Do we need to become fluent in sign language before we can begin to understand art created by our Deaf communities, or is there another way to appreciate their creative work?

Lunchtime talk write-up

Searching for Non Verbal Storytelling

Posted on Fri 9 Jun 2017

Borahm Kim is a media artist and a director of creative group Untitled Road. She is here on a studio residency from South Korea and hoping to develop scenarios and methods for non-verbal storytelling inspired by bringing toge...

Studio blog

It Must Have Been Dark By Then

Posted on Fri 2 Jun 2017

Before giving It Must Have Been Dark By Then a go for myself, I had heard a lot about Duncan Speakman’s commission by Ambient Literature; a two year long collaboration investigating the future of the book. During the two da...

Lunchtime talk write-up

Kaleidoscopes and Periscopes: Making Tactile Technologies for Kids

Posted on Fri 2 Jun 2017

Becca Rose is an artist, designer, and educator. In 2015 she started to explore ways to connect paper pages with sounds and animations on a tablet and has since developed an app for creating and sharing children’s stories a...

Lunchtime talk write-up

Future DiverCities: The Art And Culture Of Changing City-Scapes

Posted on Tue 30 May 2017

The role of art and culture in the city is changing. Moving from the arts venue and audience, towards going ‘out’ into the city, nurturing a vision of the city itself as a creative, participative space in which citizens a...

presenting a manifesto for ambient literature

Posted on Fri 26 May 2017

"Ambient Literature is comprised of many ideas. Some of them might be in conflict with each other, and we think that’s fine. We think that’s a healthy thing for an emergent form."

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What Happens When Crucial News Competes with Cats?

Posted on Mon 22 May 2017

Why do we seem to be making so many strange choices? For democracy to work, any population needs to be well informed, but are people really motivated by facts, and can we make information more enjoyable?

The Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut - film launched

Posted on Wed 17 May 2017

We are delighted to share a short film documenting the work developed by Edson Burton, during his recent Artist Residency at Pervasive Media Studio.

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Meal Plans

Posted on Fri 12 May 2017

David Lisser is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and over the next three months he will be working between Newcastle and the Pervasive Media Studio on a new research-led project called Meal Plans.Meal Plans imagines th...

Introducing our newest Artist in Residence

Posted on Wed 10 May 2017

Introducing David Lisser and his new project Meal Plans, our latest residency hosted in collaboration with At Bristol.

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Making Music with Gloves

Posted on Mon 8 May 2017

Dom Brown is a PhD student at UWE studying Computer Science and Creative Technologies. gloves started life as research project in 2011 with artist and founding director Imogen Heap.The gloves have developed from th...

Lunchtime talk write-up

In My Shoes: Intimacy

Posted on Tue 2 May 2017

In 2011 Jane founded the internationally recognised empathy project In My Shoes. In My Shoes is an ever-expanding collection of first-person documentary style interactive performances, which guide participants through the bea...