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Music Memory Box

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Chloe Meineck’s Music Memory Box invites dementia sufferers to interact with familiar objects, which trigger sounds that stir lost memories...

Jan - Mar 2013

Duration: 6mins 5secs

When visiting her grandmother Winnie in the years she suffered with dementia, Chloe Meineck was amazed to find that despite the jumbled and unreliable nature of her memories, Winnie's musical recall was impeccable. She would sit at the piano and play dozens of hymns by heart, with the music evoking emotions and memories that were previously inaccessible or incoherent.

This experience inspired Chloe to begin work on her craft and technology residency project: the Music Memory Box - a wooden box containing objects chosen by the owner to represent friends, family and key memories. As each object is picked up and held, the box plays a specific piece of music, encouraging the owner to recall memories from their life.

For this craft + technology residency Chloe worked with groups in day centres to discuss how participants might use the boxes, and what they would want from the object. This informed the development of a kit version of the box, which can be assembled at home with the use of the new Raspberry Pi technology. This film documents some of the moments Chloe spent with the participants, and the development of the box itself, which is inspired by classic wireless radios.

Chloe was chosen to be one of three makers working on this round of craft and technology residencies. Whilst usually based around London and Brighton, Chloe relocated to Falmouth for the duration of the project to work in residence at autonomatic, a research cluster based in Falmouth University's Academy for Innovation and Research.

Follow Chloe's thought process by reading her residency blog posts.

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