Set a millenia and some in the future, Femi afronaut, explorer and programme maker travels through the universe looking to answer the question is there life on other planets. She picks up a signal from a planet which upon approach appears to have once fostered conditions for life. Upon and exploring the surface Femi discovers the source of the signal, an ancient electronic device. She manages to operate the device and in doing so finds damaged footage of a teenager describing her family life, her friends, likes/dislikes and what current affairs.  It is the first proof that life exists outside her planet but it is life not as she knows it. The girl appears to lack colour, her hair and features are not like any she has ever seen. Using the device and through reanimating the girl using fragments of bone, Femi puts together the story of the girl, the planet and its relationship to her own planet.

The Last Blues Song is at an idea which I first imagined in 2013. Becoming artist in residence has given me the opportunity to turn the idea into a reality.  I am exploring ways in which the project will shape, what technologies may support the storytelling. The experience is currently envisaged as four distinct acts each of which may call upon different approaches.

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