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Emma Hughes

Since graduating in Drama from the University of Bristol last year, Emma has been involved in numerous creative projects in film production and community-driven arts, as well as marketing for Oxfam festivals.

Recently joined

Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams is an artist working in multi-disciplinary participatory performance. Her work often focuses on current political issues, for example the semantics of screens, migration and relationships with technology. ...

·ginger coons

I make things and I study things. I study how people make and use things. And that means looking at the intersections of individuality, mass standards, and new production technologies. I'm interested in the place of the user ...

Lawrence Hoo

I am a poet.  My work is influenced by various experiences of growing up in and around Easton and St Paul’s, Bristol where I am exposed to a medley of culture, identity and heritage.  The impact of social imbalance on min...
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Adam Place

Director, inventor, musician

Adriene Layne

Giving the Hidden A Voice

Aidan Moesby

Artist, Curator, Writer, Thinker getting to grips with technology

Alex Jones

Audio and music programming and applications.

Ali Robertson

Ali Robertson

Executive Producer of Kneehigh Theatre

Angela Davies

Interdisciplinary Artist

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Angie Bual


Anna Horton

Co-director of One Five West

Ashley James Brown

Artist in Residence 2015

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Barney Heywood

Barney Heywood

Co-Director of Stand + Stare and Mayfly

Ben Gwalchmai

Maker, worker, writer

Benjie Croce


Bob Leadbeater

Bob Leadbeater

Audio Engineer

Caroline Williams

Director, Writer and Performer

Chloe Meineck

Social designer, maker and inventor

Claire Skelcey

Arts Marketing Specialist