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Lily Green

Starting with some fold-ups and podcasts, Lily is researching how to directly link the audible and printed parts and how to deliver and distribute the product with the greatest care, impact and meaning for those involved. ...

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Adriene Layne

I am an Inventor/Business Owner/Community Activist, winner of two Awards and aim to bridge the GAP between the literate and pre-literate worlds.

Michael Jenkins

I am a self-shooting director/producer of film and tv. Im currently working on an immersive exhibition at the Pervasive Media Studio.

Borahm Kim

Borahm is an media artist and a director of creative group Untitled Road. Untitled Road creates experimental works using “space” though collaboration with artists and non-artists from various fields.
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Adam Place

Director, inventor, musician

#VoiceLetter #Education #AsianImportandExportLtd #LensFlareMedia #UWEBristol  #RecordandLearn #GivingtheHiddenAVoice. #MakingmyDifference #Won2Awards #DragonsDen #UniBristol #VoicePalProject.

Adriene Layne

Giving the Hidden A Voice

Aidan Moesby

Artist, Curator, Writer, Thinker getting to grips with technology

Alex Jones

Audio and music programming and applications.

Ali Robertson

Ali Robertson

Executive Producer of Kneehigh Theatre

Angela Davies

Interdisciplinary Artist

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Angie Bual


Anna Horton

Co-director of One Five West

Ashley James Brown

Artist in Residence 2015

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Barney Heywood

Barney Heywood

Co-Director of Stand + Stare and Mayfly

Ben Gwalchmai

Maker, worker, writer

Benjie Croce


Bob Leadbeater

Bob Leadbeater

Audio Engineer

Chloe Meineck

Social designer, maker and inventor

Clare Reddington

Clare Reddington

Watershed Creative Director