Cinema Rediscovered 2017

The State of Things: Film Critics’ Day

The State of Things: Film Critics’ Sprint
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Fri 28 July 10:00
This course is FREE. To apply please complete this form.

Join filmmaker and video essayist Charlie Lyne, critic and programmer Tara Judah, author and activist Sophie Mayer (Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema) and film critic Michael Pattison (MUBI Notebook) for some practical insights and a reflection on the state of things and things to come for film criticism and cinephilia in the UK and beyond in this FREE one day (10:00 - 18:00) talent development day.

This is a unique opportunity for 15 writers, bloggers, video essayists/vloggers and podcasters in the early stages of their career to meet and discuss the current state of film criticism while engaging directly with film culture and audiences during Cinema Rediscovered. The programme will focus on classic, rep and archive film in a collective cinema setting, kick starting with a very special screening presented by The Final Girls.

Successful participants will have the opportunity to submit written, aural and audio-visual works of a critical nature on films screened during Cinema Rediscovered, for publication on a dedicated blog and highlights from participants covering Cinema Rediscovered will be selected for publication on MUBI's Notebook. Participants will also receive a full weekend Festival pass to attend film events at Cinema Rediscovered across the full weekend (Thu 27 - Sun 30 July) as well as annual membership to MUBI's online viewing platform. Travel bursaries are available through regional Film Hubs.

To apply please complete this form by 12:00 on Fri 2 June. Instructions for sending support material, contact details and practical information are all included on the form.