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Fri 21 July 15:30, 20:30
Sat 22 July 20:30
Sun 23 July 20:30
Mon 24 July 15:30, 20:30
Tue 25 July 15:30, 20:30
Wed 26 July 15:30, 20:30
Thu 27 July 15:20, 20:10

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Ticket prices: Screenings before 16:00: £6.50 full / £4.50 concessions. Screenings after 16:00: £9.00 full / £6.50 concessions. Aged 24 or under? You can see any screening at any time for £4.50.

A middle-aged man diligently and discreetly carries out a job transcribing private telephone calls - until one seems to end in murder - in this stylish thriller that recalls the heyday of 70s paranoid cinema classics.

Duval (François Cluzet) is offered a well-paid position within a 'security' firm to tape and transcribe private phone calls. But when one of them seems to result in a murder, Duval can no longer stay quiet, unaware that his mundane existence is about to be turned upside down. What unravels is a deadly conspiracy that leads all the way up to the upper echelons of French government...

A brilliant debut from director Thomas Kruithof, it pays homage to the classic paranoid political thrillers of the 1970s, whilst staying relevant to the spirit of today's volatile times...