Mentoring Session 3: Water You Gonna Watch

This week saw a fundamental shift from the conceptual to the real as four weeks of research, exploration and ideas generation came to a head, with our group of Future Producers – Aidan, Becci, Ellie, Poppy and Zoe – presenting the fruits of their labour. It was a proud and exciting moment for us as mentors to hear what the team had come up with.

As mentors we have taken them all on a fairly conceptual and slightly risky journey that was sometimes challenging for all of us. The journey took them on roads that explored experimentation, audience research and user focus but as for the talking about what they were actually going to do – well, we left that up to them.

But with their dedication and enthusiasm they have come up with a really interesting response to the brief that we set them. It seems like they got where we were coming from and have responded with real insight and creativity! The wonder of collaboration and co-design.

So now there are six weeks until Aidan, Becci, Ellie, Poppy and Zoe will share their vision of how to connect with audiences ages 18 – 24 in the form of the awesomely titled “Water You Gonna Watch” machine – a unique hand-cranked device that will help people choose a film to see at Watershed. A recommendation machine with real potential scope, vision and – dare we say it – legacy.


But that’s not all – along side this they are planning a launch event featuring the machine. An event that gets the target audience in to the building for an evening of fun and games, which will introduce people to Watershed and prototype the machine and its hand crafted recommendation engine of cinematic joy and wonder.

We’re all looking forward to helping where we can to get the team to turn their ideas into reality. Watch this space!