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Current Episode, August 2014

Mark Cosgrove, Watershed's Cinema Curator, was recently asked what his three essential films to be seen in the cinema were, which leads him to consider what is unique about the experience and what is the value of seeing a film in the cinema, and what is it that makes film quintessentially cinematic. 

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Previous Episode, July 2014 

In this episode Watershed Cinema Curator Mark Cosgrove discusses Creativity Inc, a book which offers a rich, behind the scenes look at Pixar Animation's creative success; and considers the issue of the industrialised processes of the film industry engaging with creative and artistic talent. It is through this prism that Mark wonders how the sublime, 12-year-spanning, Richard Linklater epic, Boyhood was ever made. Finally Mark looks ahead to July's Century of Chinese Cinema season, which offers a fascinating insight into the richness and history of Chinese film culture.

You can also listen to this podcast directly as an mp3 audio file.