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Current Episode, September 2014

Clare Reddington, Watershed's Creative Director, discusses the positive aspects of play and how we can use the infrastructures of cities to make people think about where they live and how they connect with each other. Clare also talks about ways to get playful at Watershed this month from Shadowing – a new artwork that connects people at dusk across Bristol through play, to the Making the City Playable conference and through playful cinematic visions of how we might work, rest and play in the future.

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Previous Episode, August 2014 

Mark Cosgrove, Watershed's Cinema Curator, was recently asked what his three essential films to be seen in the cinema were, which leads him to consider what is unique about the experience and what is the value of seeing a film in the cinema, and what is it that makes film quintessentially cinematic. 

You can also listen to this podcast directly as an mp3 audio file.