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Current Episode, April 2014

In this month's episode: Mark Cousins, critic, presenter and filmmaker talks to Watershed's Clare Leczyki and Tommy Curtis about his inspiration for making A Story of Children and Film, and how for him the themes of children in cinema are the big human themes, themes that show us all what it is to be alive.

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Previous Episode, March 2014 

In this month's podcast Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Cinema Curator, reflects on his experiences from recent visits to the Rotterdam and Berlin Film Festivals. Struck by the sheer volume of films at these festivals – all of which in this post digital age could theoretically be made available to audiences in an instant, all of which are simultaneously reviewed and discussed by a huge proliferation of commentators and reviewers, he asks – how do audiences know where to look?

You can also listen to this podcast directly as an mp3 audio file.