What's on Today Sat 30 May

Festival of Ideas May 2015: Dieter Helm - Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet (CANCELLED)


In the face of the global, local, and national destruction of biodiversity and ecosystems, in this talk economist Dieter Helm offers a crucial set of strategies for establishing natural capital policy that is balanced, economically sustainable, and politically viable.

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Festival of Ideas May 2015: McKenzie Wark - Molecular Red


From the ruins of the Soviet and American histories, McKenzie Wark looks fo a way to understand and combat climate change and provides a message of hope.

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We Are Many 12A

12:10, 14:40, 18:20

Amir Amirani’s revealing documentary charts the events and discourse that led to the day back in 2003, when over 30 million people in over 800 cities across the world marched in protest against the impending Iraq War in what became the biggest global demonstration in history.

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Moomin Mania: Moomins on the Riviera U


Created in a unique hand-drawn animation technique inspired by the 1940s comic strips, this film celebrates Tove Jansson's universally loved Moomins in their original context. The whole gang head to the French Riviera and are tempted by fame, fortune and high society. Will they come to their senses?

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Festival of Ideas May 2015: Julian Baggini - Freedom Regained


Julian Baggini blends philosophy, neuroscience, sociology and cognitive science, and draws on scientific research and fascinating encounters with expert witnesses to bring the issues raised by the possibilities and denials of free will vividly to life.

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A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night 15 (S)

15:00, 20:40

Shot in crisp black and white this is a haunting story of love between two misfits who shouldn't be together. Set in the fictional Iranian underworld of Bad City, a desolate and industrial place, riddled with drug dealers The Girl is a hijab-wearing vampiress who hunts them down.

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Timbuktu 12A (S)

15:20, 18:00, 20:30

Great African director Abderrahmane Sissako brings his lucid brilliance and unparalleled artistry to this Oscar®-nominated account of the early days of the Islamic Jihadist takeover of northern Timbuktu in 2012. One of the most important, soulful cinematic experiences of the year.

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Festival of Ideas May 2015: Hadley Freeman - Life Moves Pretty Fast


Hadley Freeman looks back at the American films of the 1980s, detailing the decade's key players, genres and tropes, and explains why Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles should be put on school syllabuses immediately.

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The New Girlfriend 15 (S)


A young woman (Anaïs Demoustier) makes a surprising discovery about the husband (Romain Duris) of her late best friend, in acclaimed director François Ozon’s witty and moving new drama.

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The Goob 18


Rural Norfolk is the atmospheric backdrop to this accomplished debut about a teen finding love.

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