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Thu 21 Aug

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  • Studio Ghibli Forever: Princess Mononoke (PG)


    Set in medieval Japan, Miyazaki's epic and complex look at the struggle between man and nature centres on a young prince on a quest to find out exactly what has thrown nature so off kilter. Along the way he meets the brave eco warrior of the title...

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  • The Congress (15)

    14:40, 17:40, 20:40

    Live action-animation hybrid from Waltz With Bashir director Ari Folman stars Robin Wright as "Robin Wright", a once famous actress now sliding towards middle age.

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  • Lilting (15) S

    15:50, 18:00

    A lyrical exploration of the pleasures and pains of communication, Lilting tells the story of a Cambodian Chinese mother mourning the death of her son and connecting with his boyfriend, Richard (Ben Wishaw).

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  • The Rover (15)

    17:50, 20:20

    David Michod's follow up to his hit debut Animal Kingdom is an uncompromising post-apocalyptic thriller, a mixture of spaghetti western, dark drama and road movie which features outstanding performances from the two main protagonists, Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.

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  • Blood Ties (15)


    Two brothers in 1970s New York couldn't be more different. Whilst Chris has just got out of jail, his brother Frank is a straight-laced cop. A tense drama about family ties, it stars Clive Owen, James Caan, Marion Cotillard and Mila Kunis, and promises to be a riveting ride.

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  • DShed: Five Things Street


    All This Mayhem, a documentary about two street skaters who took on Tony Hawks, screens this month at Watershed. Here's our own adrenaline-fuelled collection from the archives.