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Fri 1 Aug

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  • Lunchtime Talk: Summer Break

    All day

    Our Lunchtime Talk and Open Studio Friday programme will be taking a break over the summer. Fear not, we're already busy lining up exciting speakers for September. Check our events page for details.

  • Boyhood (15)

    12:00, 20:00

    Filmed with the same group of actors over a 12 year period, the latest film from Richard Linklater is an engrossing one-of-a-kind epic about the ordinary: growing up, the banality of family life, and forging an identity.

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  • Studio Ghibli Forever: Porco Rosso (PG)


    Pigs really do fly in this bittersweet adventure from 1992, which ranks as one of Miyazaki's oddest, yet delightful, films. Porco Rosso is the porcine bounty hunter under attack from air pirates who want him hunted down - will he live to fly another day?

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  • Mood Indigo (12A) S

    15:30, 18:20, 20:50

    Starring Audrey Tautou and Romain Duris this romantic sci-fi is a true return to form for Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), who pulls out all the stops to explore a surreal landscape of emotion and imagination.

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  • Joe (15)


    This brilliant slice of Southern Gothic drama is the very definition of return to form - for both director David Gordon Green and star Nicolas Cage, who delivers a fine, nuanced performance.

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  • A Promise (12A)

    18:10, 20:30

    A sumptuous and dignified testament to the enduring power of love, this film follows Friedrich (Richard Madden), a graduate of humble origins, who meets Lotte (Rebecca Hall) in pre-World War I Germany.

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  • DShed: Five Things Street


    All This Mayhem, a documentary about two street skaters who took on Tony Hawks, screens this month at Watershed. Here's our own adrenaline-fuelled collection from the archives.

  • DShed: Five British Comedies


    Throughout July and August Watershed is screening classic British Comedies, and we're adding to the hilarity with these chuckle-fuelled shorts from our archives.