This programme ran from 2008-2010 at the Pervasive Media Studio. For more projects like these please visit the Studio website.

2010 Overview

Media Sandbox themes for 2010

Media Sandbox 2010 was centred on the creation of ideas that explored rich experiences augmented by open data or mobile, wireless & sensory technologies. Life is complicated, so we challenged you to come up with a brilliant idea that could tackle a problem, provide a service or simply offer a transformative experience.

In 2010, Media Sandbox commissioned seven projects. The call was divided into two project strands:

B-Open: Commissioned three £10,000 projects that utilised Open Data released as part of Bristol City Council and Connecting Bristol's B-Open initiative. These projects were digital applications or experiences, with the content and context driven by data derived from the city and its environment e.g. air quality, electricity use, population information, quality of life.

Bristol City Council has been a pioneer and advocate for the positive impacts of digital technology on public engagement – with a vision of a creative, smart, green and connected City.

Pervasive Experiences: Commissioned four ground-breaking ideas that dovetailed mobile, wireless and sensory technologies with content and context, to create meaningful experiences.

Experience design lies at the heart of the entertainment and leisure industry from tourist attractions and theme parks to concerts, theatre and cinema. With the rise of new technologies, there’s now an explosion of new and extended genres that use web, mobile and projection to create rich and memorable interactions.