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I am still a student doing a master degree in Bristol University. I  have always been interested in things that have certain kinds of beauty, although never have the chance to fully explore the process it is "produced". It must be interesting to think as a "producer" rather than an audience and I cannot wait to get along with the co-workers and enjoy the whole programme.

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    Finally, here is my first blog post.

    I have to say I got an excuse for my delay of posting. The last two weeks still feel like a dream to me. I mean, I saw this future producer programme on the newsletter from Watershed, I struggled quite a lot about whether I should apply for it or not. Then at the end of the due date, I finally decided to give it a shot.

    This whole area is fresh new to me. Of course I am interested in arts, cultural things. Every time I travelled to someplace, museums and art galleries are on my “must- go” list. Nonetheless, interest is one thing, whereas playing the role of producer is a complete different story.

     My lack of experience and ignorance in this area is obvious. During the workshops, and some discussion with my lovely co-workers (did I use the right word here?), the feeling of frustration always stayed with me like a ghost. To be honest, sometimes I don’t know what we are talking about, let alone joining in the discussion. However, I have been trying to regard this whole thing as my opportunity to explore more about different cultures, not just learning how to be a producer, but seeing how people from different backgrounds cooperate together, how things are being done here.

    What is more, I am really interested in how Watershed is running, e.g. the connection with other institutions, the composition of café, cinema and studio, the opportunity offered to young people( The Future Producer Programme is a fabulous case). This is a chance for me to get a look inside this institution. Rather than hundreds of commercial cinemas back in China, this is the kind of place where I really want to encourage people to go. Sadly few institutions can be found there, lots of work needs to be done, and I wish I could have a chance to improve the situation somehow, in the future.