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Watershed cinemas are equipped to offer Audio Description and Descriptive Subtitling. Unfortunately not all films offer these, since ultimately film distributors need to pay to have the audio description recorded, or the subtitles written and produced. However, when a film does have one or both of these, we endeavour to have screenings that provide them.

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Audio Description

Audio Description is a service for partially sighted or blind people. While the film's main soundtrack plays through the cinema speakers in the usual manner, users listen to a specially recorded narrator detailing what's happening on the screen at selected breaks during the film's dialogue, through a set of headphones. The headphones are personal and the user is still able to hear the film's sound through the cinema surround sound speakers. The service is similar to listening to a football or cricket match on the radio in which the action is described to the listener.

The AD headphones are available to collect from Box Office when you pick up your tickets prior to the film screening.

Upcoming Audio Description screenings

Testament of Youth (more info...)

Screening Date Times
Thu 29 Jan 14:30, 17:30

Birdman (more info...)

Screening Dates Times
Thu 29 Jan 20:20
Fri 30 Jan 20:30
Sat 31 Jan 20:50
Sun 1 Feb 20:30
Mon 2 Feb 20:30
Tue 3 Feb 20:30
Wed 4 Feb 21:00
Thu 5 Feb 20:30

Whiplash (more info...)

Screening Dates Times
Fri 30 Jan 18:00
Sat 31 Jan 18:10
Sun 1 Feb 18:00
Tue 3 Feb 18:00
Thu 5 Feb 14:50

Descriptive Subtitling

Descriptive Subtitling is a service for our Deaf/deaf and hearing-impaired customers that displays additional auditory information on the screen.

As well as showing the dialogue, Descriptive Subtitles provide information on other significant sounds. For example: when something is being sung; when a phone rings; when a door slams. This extra information allows customers using the subtitles to access the film more fully.

Upcoming Descriptive Subtitling screenings

Whiplash (more info...)

Screening Dates Times
Mon 2 Feb 17:50
Wed 4 Feb 15:10

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