Watershed Visual Story

Watershed Visual Story

We hope this Visual Story will assist in the preparation of your visit to Watershed and help you to become familiar with the new surroundings.

If you have any questions, please ask a member of staff on the day or get in touch: info@watershed.co.uk or 0117 927 5100).

Welcome to Watershed, home to three cinemas, the Pervasive Media Studio and a Café & Bar on Bristol’s Harbourside.

Photo of the main entrance to Watershed

Please enter via the main entrance using the walkway next to the harbourside.

Photo of a host in PPE at Watershed's entrance welcoming people in to the building

If you need to use the ramped, electronically assisted entrance door it is at the side of the building around the corner from the main entrance.

Photo of the ramped and powered door at the side entrance to Watershed

We encourage people to use paperless tickets on their mobile phones, but you can also collect or buy your tickets from Box Office if you like.

Photo of Watershed Box office with perspex screens and a member staff waving hello

You can then go straight up the flight of stairs.

Photo of the stairs leading up to the first floor of Watershed

Or you can get a lift to the first floor. Use the hand sanitiser when you exit the lift.

Photo of the lift to the first floor in Watershed Box Office

When you arrive upstairs you will see the Welcome Desk.

Photo of a Watershed customer host standing behind a large desk with Welcome on it, ready to direct customers to the cinemas

If you want to go straight to the Cinema, scan your mobile or paper ticket using the scanner (a member of staff can help you if you need it) and you will be shown to the Cinemas. Cinema doors are opened 20 minutes before the film.

If you need the toilet before or during the film, there is an accessible Inclusive toilet right next to Cinema 1, or toilets in the main foyer.

Photo of the entrance doors to Watershed Cinema 1 and the Inclusive toilet entrance next to it.

Or you can follow the signs to the toilets to the rear of the screens. Please wear a mask when using the toilet.

Photo of two entrance doors to the toilets at the rear of Watershed cinemas

Once you are in the cinema, you will notice there are a lot of seats. Your ticket will say which seat you need to sit in – the seat numbers are on the seat arms.

Photo of the interior of Watershed cinema 1, looking to the read of the cinema and showing raked seating

When the film ends, you can leave either by using the way you came in, or by our back exit around the rear of the cinemas. Here’s a picture of the rear exit if you’re leaving the building that way.

Photo of the exit staircase for customers to use as they exit the cinemas

If you want to visit the Café & Bar, go back through the foyer and find yourself a table, you can order at the bar or by scanning the QR code on your table.  

Photo of a customer host in Watershed café & bar wearing PPE

On the table you will find instructions for ordering and paying for food and drink with your phone, laptop or tablet. If you don’t have one or you need a hand, speak to a member of staff and they will help you. Your food and drink will be delivered to your table after you order.

Photo of the bar at Watershed with perspex screens in place for customer and staff safety

If you need the toilet whilst you are visited the Café & Bar you can use the toilets near the Café & Bar, the toilets in the foyer or the Inclusive Toilet. Here is a picture of the Café & Bar toilets.

Photo of a Watershed corridor with an exit sign pointingg back to the Café & Bar

If you’re in the Café & Bar and want to leave Watershed go back down the main stairs and follow the signs to the right to Accessible door.

Photo of exit signage on a pillar