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About Pervasive Media Studio

The Pervasive Media Studio hosts a brilliant community of artists, creative companies, technologists and academics exploring experience design and creative technology. It is a collaboration with University of West of England and University of Bristol, managed by Watershed.

Our projects include gaming, projections, music, connected objects, location-based media, robotics, digital displays and new forms of performance. Some are commercial, some are cultural. We test our projects as early as possible and iterate.

We have a great workspace, an open ethos and a can-do attitude. 

Read more about our research here

See Play Nicely's graphic overview of the highlights of our first two years here.

What other people say:

"If you’re working at the PM Studio, you make a commitment to be available to be professionally interrupted. So in an 8 hour working day, you might donate two hours to helping others, but in return you can always ask the stupid questions. The Studio and its community offers you that rare safe place to learn, enquire and acquire new skills, ideas and passions, to be open and inquisitive." Laura Kriefman, Guerilla Dance Project (March 2014) Read her blog post about the Studio here.

"The coming together of academic, the arts and tech people is really producing some pretty special projects. Every Friday they hold an Open Studio which is strongly recommended if you are in the area. They have a lunchtime speaker, plus the opportunity to meet the teams and learn about their projects."James Parton, Director of Twilio, Europe (April 2013)

"They’ve had […] a whole programme of work that provides people with time, space and support to take creative risk. They seem to be constantly experimenting themselves in their processes and scope and that makes for a brilliantly rich learning environment and place for talent to keep emerging from." Cassie Robinson, Wearable Futures (January 2014)

"@kieronkirkland MT It's a world of amazingness and wonder.  If Willy Wonka existed, he'd be jealous of it :)" Kieron Kirkland, former Magician in residence (February 2014 via Twitter)

How to find the studio:

We are based in Watershed. Visitors should come to Watershed Box Office where they will be directed through the bar.

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Pervasive Media Studio

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+44 (0) 117 370 8870