SCENE at Cornwall Film Festival

11:00am 16 Nov

The next screening of our SCENE programme will be taking place for students at Truro College, as part of Cornwall Film Festival!


The next screening of our SCENE programme of short films is going to be taking place in November as part of Cornwall Film Festival. Featuring 14 films from young filmmakers in the South West, there’s a huge range of styles and genres to check out, from moving documentaries to surreal animations!

After the screening, we’re really excited to have Joe from Bear Behind You, who directed City Fishing join us for a Q&A about their film.

Please note: this screening is not a public event and will only be for students in Cornwall who will receive more information through their colleges. Please contact Cornwall Film Festival with any queries.

The films screening in the programme are:

City Fishing
dir. Bear Behind You, 3’
Boredom can make people do a lot of strange things, like try and save the world.

Awake in the Evening
dir. Alister Malcolm, 2’
I made this while awake in the evening. When I can’t fall asleep, I’ve been up late just shooting things, this is the result.

dir. Georgia Gregory-Morris, 1’
A skirmish in the sitting room. Lamp wants to stay alight. Gardener thrives in darkness.

dir. Lucy Werrett, 10’
A look back at the mental shifts that occurred in the first lockdown. Narrated by a patchwork of anonymous voices.

dir. Amber Clarke-McGrath, 1’
A young woman decides whether she wants to shave her armpit hair or dye it, helped by her inner feminist persona.

Above the Skin
dir. BFI Film Academy Bristol 2021 cohort, 6’
Above the skin is where clothes rest, and where our inner selves interact with the wider world.

dir. May Tyler, 1’
Mixes live-action & animation to explore the obsession the filmmaker had with her bones during her eating disorder.

Coming to Light
dir. Hector Bell, 10’
Aaron is trying to come to terms with the child sexual abuse he suffered but the trauma has manifested itself as a monster.

dir. Ella McDonald, 5’
A poetic dance film that follows the journey of a survivor experiencing domestic emotional abuse.

dir. Courtney Knowles, 10’
In a female-run dystopia where men have been enslaved as pieces of furniture, Delilah visits the controlled birthing facility.

dir. Kieran Wall, 6’
In rural 1950s Ireland, Emer’s only daughter is rushed away to hospital after being badly beaten by her teacher.

These Lines that Divide Us
dir. Cameron Stolber, 8’
Whether hung out a window or waved during a match, does your opinion of the St. George’s Cross stay the same?

dir. Monica Wat, 2
’After a series of microaggressions and remarks, a student begins to assimilate into British culture by trying different food.

My Favourite Hill!
dir. Christopher Childs, 4’
A group of factory workers become obsessed with a hill.