c/o Teresa Dillon
Lunchtime Talk

Face Unlock with Teresa Dillon

Fri 5 Mar 13:00-14:00

In this talk we welcome artist and Professor of City Futures at UWE, Teresa Dillon to explore with us the world of facial recognition & its intersectional histories. This talk is partnership with the SWCTN.

c/o dhaqan collective
Lunchtime Talk

Camel Meat & Tapes

Fri 26 Feb 13:00-14:00

For this Lunchtime talk we are joined by Fozia Ismail from the dhaquan collective, a feminist art collective of Somali women based in Bristol. Fozia will be discussing their latest project that focused on Somali culture.

Image credit: Stacey Olika

Introducing Container

Fri 19 Feb 13:00-14:00

In this talk we are joined by Alice Quigley from Container; a new online magazine about creative tech. Container explores the world we live in by looking at & questioning how we use technology for social & cultural purposes.

c/o Raucous
Lunchtime Talk

Creating New Narrative Corridors...

Fri 12 Feb 13:00-14:00

For this Lunchtime talk we are joined by Raucous, a Bristol based collective of theatre makers, technologists & designers. They will be discussing how we might think about theatre in the light of lockdown.

New 'director's commentaries' of ALL Action Hero work streamed weekly for free

You Had To Be There: 15 years of Action Hero

Thu 26 Nov - Thu 11 Feb

To celebrate 15 Years of Action Hero, we're launching You Had To Be There: 15 Years of Action Hero, a series of online 'director's commentaries on www.actionhero.org.uk

c/o Rob Eagle
Lunchtime Talk

Making Through Failing

Fri 5 Feb 13:00-14:00

We are delighted to be joined by Digital Artist & UWE PhD Researcher Rob Eagle for this Lunchtime talk. Rob will be discussing failure & its many facets & how it's often an unavoidable part of the creative process.

c/o Calvium
Lunchtime Talk

Digital Placemaking Platforms and the Circular Economy

Fri 29 Jan 13:00-14:00

This Lunchtime talk we are joined by Jo Reid, MD of pioneering digital agency Calvium. She will be discussing digital placemaking platforms & considering whether the circular economy could offer an alternative funding model.

c/o Trigger
Lunchtime Talk

Plants without borders

Fri 22 Jan 13:00-14:00

Join us for this Lunchtime talk & the sixth in our series exploring the Future Themes of the Studio. We are joined by Studio Resident Angie Bual from Trigger to discuss her project Grow & what If plants could speak…

c/o Furaha Asani
Lunchtime Talk

Vaccines in Pop Culture

Fri 15 Jan 13:00-14:00

For this Lunchtime talk we are delighted to be joined by Furaha Asani Watershed's new Research Lead. Furaha will discussing vaccines, currently very much in the public eye due to Covid-19 and their place in popular culture.

c/o Alison Neighbour
Lunchtime Talk

Impermanent Land: Time & Tide

Fri 8 Jan 13:00-14:00

For our first Lunchtime talk of 2021 & the fifth in our series exploring Future Themes in the Studio. Studio Resident Alison Neighbour explores how do we connect across time and place to imagine the future?