Tom Marshman by Paul Samual White
Lunchtime Talk

Queering, Archives & Performance

Fri 3 Jul 13:00-14:00

For this talk Studio Resident & Performer Tom Marshman & Jeanie Sinclair, Historian touch on research methods, embodiment of characters, ethics & how creative tech lead to the making of the theatre show A Haunted Existence.

c/o Martin O'Leary

Lunchtime Talks Now Online

Fri 26 Jun 13:00-14:00

While Watershed and the Pervasive Media Studio are temporarily closed, we’ve opened the digital doors of the Studio & lunchtime talks are happening every Friday at 1pm on YouTube. You can also watch previous talks.

Credit Timothy J Senior
Lunchtime Talk

Wicked Problems / Clumsy Solutions

Fri 26 Jun 13:00-14:00

We live in a complex world, but only some problems are Wicked Problems. Hard to define and with no clear solution, they challenge the very institutions we turn to in a crisis. supersum takes a different approach.

c/o Owain Astles
Lunchtime Talk

Homeless Lockdown Diaries

Fri 19 Jun 13:00-14:00

New Resident Owain Astles joins us for this lunchtime talk and asks how can Participatory Video be used for empowerment and activism, and how do we respond to working in an increasingly virtual space?

c/o David Lisser
Lunchtime Talk

Carnecopia; hope, greed and cultured meat

Fri 12 Jun 13:00-14:00

David Lisser is an artist whose recent works imagine the future of cultured meat and the role of technology in food. Here he will discuss the potential, the problems, and the utter weirdness of this fledgling industry.

c/o Control Shift
Lunchtime Talk

Control Shift - Rethinking our Relationships with Technology

Fri 5 Jun 13:00-14:00

In this special lunchtime talk we welcome “Control Shift” & will be introducing you to some of the Artists and Curators. Control Shift is an arts programme exploring how we might reconsider the way we connect with tech.

c/o Grapevine
Lunchtime Talk

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Fri 29 May 13:00-14:00

In this talk, Studio Residents Lily Green & Tim Kindberg take you through how Grapevine works, how you can get involved & give you an honest insight into the process of transforming an R&D project into an inclusive company. 

Marie Foulston photo credit: Tom Jamieson
Lunchtime Talk

Curating Playfully Online: From Photography Workshops for Spacemen to Parties in Spreadsheets

Fri 22 May 13:00-14:00

For this lunchtime talk we are joined by Curator & Creative Producer of playful exhibitions & experiences Marie Foulston. Marie will discuss her recent stint as Guest Director of Now Play This & how we can curate virtually.

c/o Stomping Ground
Lunchtime Talk

An Old Quilt: Where Every Patch Tells Your Story

Fri 15 May 13:00-14:00

For this lunchtime talk, Studio Resident Pravanya Pillay asks the question what do the textiles in your house tell you? Pillay discusses the work she recently been doing as Programme Directer of Bristol's Stomping Ground.

c/o Watershed

Infusing Afrofuturism & Landing the Last Blues Song

Fri 1 May 13:00-14:00

We are delighted to be joined by Studio Resident Dr Edson Burton for this week's online talk. Edson is a writer, historian, programme-curator, performer & will discuss the role Afrofuturism has played in his work.