Lunchtime Talk

The Next Seven Billion AI Programs, a For Sceptics talk with studio resident Tim Kindberg

Fri 26 Jul 2019 13:00

Join us for our last Lunchtime Talk before we take our summer break. We are delighted to finish our Lunchtime Talk series with another of Studio Resident's Tim Kindberg's for sceptics talks, this time he's tackling AI.

Lunchtime Talk

Where would I have been without Rife?

Fri 19 Jul 2019 13:00

This week we will be joined by Rife Magazine, Watershed's online magazine for young people and most importantly by young people. We will hear from two of Rife's alumni who are now Studio residents.

Lunchtime Talk

Crossing voids, building bridges - grief, conflict & resilience in immersion

Fri 12 Jul 2019 13:00

This lunchtime talk brings together three Immersion Fellows from the South West Creative Technology Network, Norah Lorway, Marcus Smith and Harmeet Chagger-Khan.

Lunchtime Talk

Women Reclaiming AI

Fri 5 Jul 2019 13:00

Artist-technologists Coral Manton & B Aga talk about how they have developed their latest project, Women Reclaiming AI (WRAI) with a design activism approach & a thought to reclaiming emerging technologies for protest.

Lunchtime Talk

All present and correct?

Fri 28 Jun 2019 13:00

Imagine being able to step into someone else’s life? This is what new interactive audio experience, 'Of Home and Each Other,' sought to explore. Join designer, Rosie Poebright as she looks back at this powerful project.

Lunchtime Talk


Fri 21 Jun 2019 13:00

For this talk Writer, Editor and Studio Resident Nikesh Shukla discusses Inclusion within the work place and why it doesn't and shouldn't be so hard for organisations to achieve.

Lunchtime Talk

We Sing In Fire And Blood: VR, music and surviving extreme violence.

Fri 14 Jun 2019 13:00

Long-standing Studio Resident, Hazel Grian joins us for this weeks lunchtime talk to discuss her latest project, a powerful VR piece about community, based on her life, titled, 'We Sing In Fire And Blood'.


What is the Pervasive Media Studio?

Fri 7 Jun 2019 13:00

Introducing Luke Emery, the Pervasive Media Studio's new Studio Community Lead. In this talk Luke outlines his plans for the Studio's future and how it will continue to support people, Bristol & beyond.


Making Your Media Matter: Narrative Strategy and Social Impact with Lina Srivastava

Wed 5 Jun 2019 13:00

This talk will focus on the use of strategic planning and design tools for production, outreach, and distribution for impact in the areas of human rights and international development.

Lunchtime Talk

The instant of things: How modern tech affects our food consumption.

Fri 31 May 2019 13:00

Studio Resident, Chef and Visual Artist, Jasmine Creusson joins us for this lunchtime talk, to discuss everything from food sustainability to her sellout food events, Four. There may even be a tasty treat or two.