a horizontal hand wearing a MIMU black glove, with a black background.
Lunchtime Talk

Remote_CTRL Residency

Fri 24 Sep 13:00-14:00

MiMU Gloves are a wearable motion-based musical instrument / controller. In this lunchtime talk, we'll be hearing from artists, about their experience of working with MiMU gloves and how their projects are developing.

this image shows city block buildings, with an abstract drawing underneath showing a hidden world under the soil
Lunchtime Talk

UnEarthing Imagination

Fri 17 Sep 13:00-14:00

In this Lunchtime talk, Lukus Robbins, Pervasive Media Studio spring residency artist and resident, explores our connection with soil and his findings.

A group of dancers dressed in black stretching in rehearsal, lit by blue and pink lights.

Wireless Spatial Sound Systems

Fri 10 Sep 13:00-14:00

Through their Expanded Performance Prototype R+D project breathing.systems, Nik has been exploring wireless spatial sound systems for live performance that use bodies, rather than software to spatialise sound.

meriko holding an iPhone and taking a picture of herself with her face blurred in the background and also seen on the iPhone screen.
Lunchtime Talk

Uncertainty: The Secret Code

Fri 3 Sep 13:00-14:00

Uncertainty is a critical truth in creative endeavours, fundamental to building great teams, technologies, products, and leaders. We will examine tools and examples from the design and creation of iPhone.

Person stands beside hanging light bulbs and sings

Circle /دایره - Live Music Re-imagined

Fri 16 Jul 13:00

Circle/دایره is a collaborative project between Roxana Vilk/Vilk Collective and Squidsoup exploring themes of inclusion, immersive experiences and shared spaces. On July 16th Roxana and Liam will invite you behind the…

an image of a person faced towards the national Covid Wall that is covered in red hand drawn love hearts.
Lunchtime Talk

The Politics of Memorialisation

Fri 9 Jul 13:00-14:00

How do we living humans negotiate the politics of memorialisation for the dead? How does the dead body function as a technology of memory in and around monuments and memorials?

Image of Lukus Robbins' 'Plastic Eating Fungi'.  Image designed by Jessica Noble.

Soil Futures, Spring Artist Residencies Showcase

Sat 3 Jul 12:30-18:45

Join us for a free Artists showcase event to experience the work in progress created by Watershed’s Spring Artists in Residence – Katy Connor and Lukus Robbins.

distorted image of a male with a stripe of light through the face to separate the left and the right side. The image has a blue background and black tv effect to frame the image
Lunchtime Talk

Nixon and the Moon Disaster

Fri 2 Jul 13:00-14:00

Francesca Panetta gives insight into the making of her Short Film ' In Event of Moon Disaster' and explores the implications of synthetic media in today’s misinformation-laden media landscape.

c/o speaker
Lunchtime Talk

Gaming meets performance

Fri 25 Jun 13:00-14:00

For this lunchtime we are delighted to be joined by Theatre Maker Katie Day & Creative Technologist John Sear who will be discussing their recent site-specific experience, A Moment of Madness, now a multi-modal experience.

Image credit: Jazz Thompson
Lunchtime Talk

AI Politics

Fri 11 Jun 13:00-14:00

In the latest of his "For Sceptics" series, Tim returns to the subject of AI both as an instrument of power and as a provocation to the imagination.