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Lunchtime talks coming online soon

Fri 3 Apr 13:00-14:00

We are exploring ways we can deliver our lunchtime talk programme online & we are hopeful this will be live from April 3rd. Sign up to our Newsletter or follow us twitter to stay up to date & in the know (details below).

Morning with Seer

A Trip to Chicago

Tue 24 Mar 16:48

Account of research trip to Chicago Illnois. Meeting Afrofuturist artists, curators, collectors, commentators and leaders with the purpose of developing the Last Blues Song of a Lost Afronaut

Ella & Nicki at the Mars Desert Research Station, Utah

Martian House Makers Group

Sat 14 Mar 11:30-12:30

We're starting a club to make household items for our Martian House, thinking about economical living & re-imagining daily life. If you’re not an expert but want to have a go, then you are who we're looking for!

Image c/o Tiny Giant
Lunchtime Talk

The wow, the wild and the wonky - high adventures in creative AI

Fri 6 Mar 13:00

Since setting up in October 2018, Pervasive Studio residents Tiny Giant have embarked on a tech-powered crusade to explore creative AI. Come and find out how that journey's been so far.

Image c/o of Mutiny
Lunchtime Talk

The Locus Solus Residency

Fri 28 Feb 13:00-14:00

For this lunchtime talk we welcome Mutiny a new public art organisation inspired by the potential of bringing new stories and experiences to audiences across the UK and Europe.

Image c/o Toby Keane
Lunchtime Talk

How might we design out loneliness in our cities?

Fri 21 Feb 13:00

Studio resident Bethan Harris will share her work on the Loneliness Lab, a collective of individuals and organisations working together to design loneliness out of our cities through reimagining the places and spaces where we…

Photo by David Man
Lunchtime Talk

Low-resolution versions of people using machine learning and other technologies

Fri 14 Feb 13:00

For this lunchtime talk we are delighted to be joined by Libby Miller a Producer at BBC R&D. Libby will be discussing her latest project the Libbybot and the techniques and tools she uses to develop her work.

Image c/o Martin O'Leary
Lunchtime Talk

Creative tech on a budget

Fri 7 Feb 13:00

For this talk, the Studio’s Creative Technologist, Martin O’Leary, will share some advice on how to do great things with technology on the cheap.

Image c/o BBC R&D
Lunchtime Talk

BBC R&D present their tools for Interactive and Responsive Storytelling

Fri 31 Jan 13:00

We are partnering with Digital Cities Bristol for this lunchtime talk where BBC R&D will present their tools for interactive and responsive media experience and how you can get free access to them.

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Lunchtime Talk

Repair Economies: Creating restorative futures

Fri 24 Jan 13:00

Join Professor of City Futures, Teresa Dillon for an overview of her work on repair, care and maintenance cultures.