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Lunchtime Talk

AI Politics

Fri 11 Jun 13:00-14:00

In the latest of his "For Sceptics" series, Tim returns to the subject of AI both as an instrument of power and as a provocation to the imagination.

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Lunchtime Talk

Borders, Business as Usual, and the Third Horizon

Fri 4 Jun 13:00-14:00

For this Lunchtime talk we are delighted to be joined by again Furaha Asani Watershed's new Research Lead for her second Lunchtime talk. Furaha will discussing the relationship between borders, migrants and technology.

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Lunchtime Talk

The Art of Inclusion

Fri 28 May 13:00-14:00

After a year of high intensities, SWCTN Inclusion Producer, Jazlyn Pinckney, talks about the strategies that allow compassion, innovation & artistry to flourish in how we consider the work of inclusion.

Credit: David Smee
Lunchtime Talk

Reaching Meaningful Innovation

Fri 21 May 13:00-14:00

We are delighted to be joined by Resident David Smee. David will reflect on his career learning thus far; from idea rejection by BT, embracing life as an "intrapreneur", to linking robotics & animals to benefit conservation.

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Media Tools Interaction & Immersion

Fri 14 May 13:00-14:00

For this talk we are joined by Bronnie McCarthy & Michael Armstrong from BBC Research & Development who will be introducing and showcasing - BBC Makerbox: tools for new forms of media.

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Lunchtime Talk

Widening VR's Appeal

Fri 30 Apr 13:00-14:00

For this lunchtime talk we are joined by Resident & Co-founder & CEO of Limina Immersive Catherine Allen. Catherine will be discussing her recent report for Nesta on widening the appeal for Virtual Reality.

Credit: Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

Making art for a change

Fri 23 Apr 13:00-14:00

For this talk we are delighted to be joined by British/ Colombian Artist Matthew Plummer-Fernández. Matthew will be sharing his latest work-in-progress & ideas around digital art practice in response to the climate crisis.

c/o Neon Dance

Prehension Blooms

Fri 16 Apr 13:00-14:00

For this talk we are joined by Adrienne Hart the Artistic Director of Neon Dance & collaborator Hemma Philamore from University of Bristol's Robotics Lab. They will be discussing their latest work Prehension Blooms.

c/o Zoe Rasbash
Lunchtime Talk

A creative just transition?

Fri 9 Apr 13:00-14:00

When it comes to the climate crisis, we often hear that action should be led by science. But what about the arts? For this talk are joined by Watershed's Environmental Emergencies Action Researcher Zoe Rasbash.

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Lunchtime Talk

Listening to Water

Fri 26 Mar 13:00-14:00

Audiovisual artist, Kathy Hinde, shares sounds, images and experiences from encounters with watery environments, generated through durational, process-led enactments including Deep Listening walks and analogue film-making.