Virtually Useful: Step Five - Sound

Posted on Sat 4 Aug 2018

Great sound design can elevate immersive experiences, whilst poorly handled audio can feel clumsy, uncomfortable and disjointed. But what is it that actually makes the difference when using audio in VR/XR?

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Confessions Corner

Posted on Tue 3 Jul 2018

I’m writing this deep in the nook of confessions corner. I’m going to admit to something you probably don’t know about me.

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i-docs 2018

Posted on Wed 11 Jul 2018

Nadav Assor was a keynote speaker and exhibitor at this year’s i-docs. We were very lucky to be joined by him for this week’s Lunchtime Talk. Five Things I Learned:1. Nadav is interested in three themes that are comm...

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Epic Games with No Code – Platforms for Designing Story Worlds

Posted on Tue 3 Jul 2018

Resident Vincent Baidoo has been exploring the expanding universe of software & apps, asking the question - can games creation become more like AV, where tools for production & design are in the hands of the many, not...

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No Bindings: A New Approach to Publishing

Posted on Mon 2 Jul 2018

No Bindings is re-inventing social publishing with hybrid books, combining sound recordings, art, text and most importantly putting people at the forefront of everything it does. We heard Lily Green, No Bindings founder and a...

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Building a Martian House

Posted on Mon 2 Jul 2018

Ella Good and Nicki Kent collaborate together to create work all about the future. They are currently in the midst of a ten-year project called A Decade of Mars.

Catching up with Artists in Residence Action Hero

Posted on Fri 22 Jun 2018

This May, our latest Artists in Residence Action Hero set off from Bristol on a six month journey across Europe. In a motorhome housing a recording studio, they are currently travelling over 30,000km, recording songs of love,...

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Introduction to A Haunted Existence

Posted on Thu 21 Jun 2018

In the early 1950s a 17-year-old called, Geoffrey Patrick Williamson was a train going from Exeter to Bristol, when he approached a plain clothed railway officer. Their brief encounter was deemed inappropriate and Williamson ...

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Immersive Histories: Dam Busters

Posted on Wed 6 Jun 2018

Around the end of 2017 All Seeing Eye, made up of four team members, proposed an historically accurate XR experience that explores virtual reality, physicality and is set on a large WWII aircraft called the G-George. Resident...

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Video Nation Revisited

Posted on Tue 29 May 2018

Mandy Rose first joined BBC in 1991. She started working as sound recordist, before going onto produce documentary film and co-found ground-breaking media project Video Nation.

Open Bionics launch party

Posted on Wed 25 Apr 2018

This evening Studio residents Open Bionics celebrate the launch of the world's first medically approved 3D-printed bionic arm, and the most affordable bionic arm ever.

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Are we in the weather or is the weather in us?

Posted on Mon 16 Apr 2018

Last year, Aidan Moesby undertook a residency with us here at the Pevasive Studio to spend some time investigating digital technology and how it might apply to, or  enhance his work. In this lunchtime talk, Aidan an...