Bristol VR Lab

Opening in Autumn 2017 Bristol VR Lab is a new space for research, development, product design, teaching, company incubation and investment within Virtual and Augmented Reality that will open in central Bristol.


The acclaimed Iglab returns. Iglab is a place to test and play games. Games that are played in the real world rather than via a console or screen, are social, definitely fun, and possibly absurd.

A TendencyTo Spill: using a chatbot as a storytelling platform.

This project began with an 1100-word short story I wrote a couple of years ago. I wanted to find out how much more of an intensely intimate reading experience I could create by using one-to-one digital interactivity.

Ambient Literature

What happens when the place where you’re reading becomes the stage for the story? How can your location shape and alter the story you are hearing?


Vorb creates video communities around points of view they care about. Choose a hashtag, put out a call to action. Vorb makes a live interactive orb of the uploaded videos