Anti VJ go global: Pervasive Media Studio Residents Joanie Lemercier and Nicolas Boritch have been jet setting around the world with live performances at the Stereoscopic show in Paris and Nuit Blanche Bruxelles in Brussels the week before.


Since having a few meetings in Paris, Anti VJ have got the chance to do something similar on the facade of the Theatre du Chatelet at the beginning of December!

Joanie has since flewn back to Shanghai, where he had been previous to the European dates and says that the residency in China is "absolutely awesome!" He found his “geometrical mapping heaven” last week; a polystyrene factory.

Here is a video of Joanie in his element visiting a polystyrene factory, the dialogue is in French but you catch the drift.


And in addition to all the adventures, AntiVJ have pictures of their installations published in TANGIBLE a new book by Gestalten

We'll have more news from Anti VJ on their return.