On May 10 we were joined in the Studio for a fantastic Lunchtime Talk by Mitch Altman on Hackerspaces, and the Pluses and Minuses of Technology: 

As a species, humans have always created new technologies to improve our lives. In contemporary times, most technologies that change our lives are put forth by large corporations, for their profit. The results are not always beneficial, and sometimes actually make things worse for some people. Currently, hackerspaces are popping up all over the planet, each with supportive community for people to explore and do what they love, and along the way creating all sorts of interesting new technologies. As technology progresses at ever increasing speeds, we are poised to see our lives change forever. Will this change be good? Can we have influence over it? Will hackerspaces be an ameliorating and positive influence?

In this provocative lunchtime talk, Mitch Altman, co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, pioneer of Virtual Reality, and inventory of TV-B-Gone universal remote controls, talked about the pluses and minuses of technology.


If you would like to find out more about Mitch’s projects you can follow him on twitter @maltman23 or visit the Tv Be gone & Noisebridge hackspace websites.