This week, we announced two new Studio job opportunities, we playtested Victoria Forrest’s beautiful app in one of Watershed’s cinemas and we were brimming with pride as Studio residents and their projects wowed Pitch@Palace and InnovateUK.

Two fantastic new posts have just opened up at the Studio. We are looking for a Watershed Producer and a Projects Coordinator to come and join our team. The Producer role will involve producing next year’s Playable City Award and a small number of other exciting projects. The Coordinator role will involve supporting delivery of Watershed projects and events, working across Watershed teams and creating relationships with creative, digital and academic organisations. Both of the posts are open to applications until 1pm, 1 December.

We were treated to a visual and sonic treat yesterday, as resident Victoria Forrest hooked up her app, In the Shadow of Things to cinema 3’s projector and surround sound. The app is the result of an on-going collaboration between Victoria and photographer Leonie Hampton, who has been using photography, film and audio recording to document her mother’s struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Victoria has been exploring ways in which this multimedia archive could be navigated on a tablet, in a way that still shows as much respect to the content and its narrative as a book might. While the app was up and running in the cinema, we had some really interesting conversations about how it could work in this kind of cinematic context. The app is in beta at the moment, and will be available to buy from December.

Both Reach Robotics and nu desine were invited to St James’s Palace this week for the Duke of York’s entrepreneurial event, Pitch@Palace. The Duke of York and Princess Eugenie both had a go on nu desine’s Alphasphere, and Silas got through to the evening’s finals with his internet connected robotic ‘MechaMonsters’, where he was a runner up in both the audience vote and the People’s Choice Award, winning him desk space at Barclays Accelerator. We’re really happy for both Diego and Silas who lead the pitches, and did fantastically well.

It has been a busy week for Reach Robotics, as they also showcased their MechaMonsters at Innovate UK. Tim Kindberg was also showcasing there, and made nearly a hundred films with his Nth Screen app, which allows for synchronised filming across multiple devices. Among those who had a go was M.I.A, the notorious British recording artist and director.

Tom Metcalfe, who has recently finished producing REACT’s Objects Sandbox Scheme, has started working with exciting new start-up Knyttan, on packaging and label designs ready for their launch next week. Knyttan will open their Factory of the Future at Somerset House next Thursday, where you will be able to become your own fashion designer, choosing and customising designs for knitted garments. The clothes will then be made on their state of the art industrial knitting machine, which acts like a 3D printer but uses natural fibres instead.

This week, Tarim has been setting up the Ubisense indoor positioning system at Dilston Grove in Southwark Park for his and Ad Spiers’s NESTA project, Flatland. They are developing a theatrical installation to be experienced in the dark. People will navigate the space using a haptic device developed by Ad. So far, the positioning system is accurate to about half a metre, and they are hoping to get it down to around 15cm. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the project as it develops.

Arthur Buxton’s Colourstory App is now live! This REACT funded project has been taking shape over the last few months, and is now the app is available as a Beta download. The app will allow you to turn any set of images into a beautiful colour timeline. Have a play and share your colourstorys to get the word out. They would love your feedback, so please get in touch with them to tell them what you think. The download is available here.