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Posted on Wed 22 Dec 2021

Studio Community Inclusion Survey Report

Our 2020/2021 report on the data gathered from the Annual Studio Resident survey, with detailed information on the make-up of the Studio, our methodologies in interpreting the data and our approach to the language we use

5 people playing a game together that involves multi coloured velcro blocks that stick to their bodies

Sharing this report is part of our ongoing commitment to regularly share the information you give us in the survey, and our aim to be more transparent about the impact that the data has. Whilst the core of structure of the survey will remain the same, we are adjusting our work each year. This is often led by the feedback you give us in the survey, but also by the work of Watershed’s Inclusion Working Group and the Inclusion Data Working Group. This report covers the data and information that comes from the Survey. To read more about our activities around Inclusion and our plans for the new year, please read the Pervasive Media Studio Inclusion Update.

Our aim with this report is to continue:

  • sharing the existing studio community survey data and the inclusion survey data in a clear and transparent way
  • outlining new areas we have identified that need addressing
  • and most importantly, to invite the studio community to continue to feedback and work with us to ensure we approach this area of work in most inclusive way possible. Details of how you can get in touch are listed at the end of this report.

Read the full report - Studio Resident Community Inclusion Survey