The Creative Climate Action Tool Kit is for small creative businesses, SMEs, freelancers, and organisations to support their climate action journey.

Most of us want to act and do our bit, but the climate crisis can feel totally overwhelming – we can feel like we have to be an expert to talk about it, like what we do won’t make a lick of difference or feel paralysed at the scale of change needed.

And further, most resources for climate action in the creative sector are geared towards larger creative and cultural venues, organisations and entities who have buildings, large staff sizes, regular income, exec groups and boards. This doesn’t represent a large proportion of our thriving creative sector in the South-West. For smaller and more dynamic creative entities, the challenges and opportunities are totally different and require smaller scale, more flexible approaches.

This tool kit is the outcome of a series of interviews and workshops with a broad range of small creative practitioners and businesses in the Watershed and Pervasive Media Studio community – and is geared towards creatives wanting to be more environmentally responsible within their practice but are unsure of where to start.

This research was funded and supported by Bristol+Bath Creative R+D.

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