Grounding Technologies, our pilot project, explored how creative technology can be utilised locally in service of a just future. The West of England is home to a rich ecosystem of climate and biodiversity action. How, in the hands of people, can creative technology support, enhance and build on the work already happening? How can the skills of the creative sector support climate action?

Over the summer of 2023, we invited those working at the emerging intersections of community climate action, art and technology to two ideas labs, to meet, discuss and digest. We then invited participants to apply for six pots of £15k for ideas that explored these questions with us. Our brilliant teams brought together activists, artists, producers, gardeners, technologists, designers, lawyers, cartographers and musicians – an intergenerational, interdisciplinary cohort from across the West of England Region.

These six projects build on a rich tradition of activism and thought in the West of England region to address the climate crisis, bringing together expertise from across sectors, locations and communities in vibrant collaborations to create tools for the future. In doing so, we collectively explored what a set of emerging burt grounding principles could be. In our final report, we share these key grounding principles for what responsible, grounded, technological work could be, as well as key areas for developing creative approaches to climate action and the green economy.