As I've passed the midway point for the residency I thought it was a good period to take stock of where I am and more importantly where am I heading. Firstly if your new to the wider theme of my project I'm currently under taken you can find out more information here

So far the project can be broken down by these key questions. 

1/ What is needed to create a kit that can be grown by the widest range of people?

  • Can be grown in multiple climates
  • Can be grown in a multitude of areas, urban, rural, inside, outside act.
  • Can be propagated by the widest range of plants
  • Can be automated to enable groups who cannot commit consistent periods of time
  • Can be grown without electricity
  • Can be grown by one person or a group of people
  • Can be assembled in a simple way 
  • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic or mixed system

2/ What changes can support a more positive experience for performances?

  • Need to solve potential floors with current system etc adjustable eye holes, plastic head lining, 
  • Need to be easy to put on and take off
  • Can be used with the widest range of body types
  • Can spread the weight evenly over the body to allow for greatest range of movement

3/ What can support the costume to continue to live and grow?

  • Nutrition system that can be automated by technology or delivered by hand
  • Dissemble to flat
  • Easily transported

4) How can it become a tool for storytelling and a gateway into understanding the communities who take on the project?

  • Who will participate in the project?
  • What will their benefit be?
  • What will link the different communities together?
  • How will the communities potentially collaborate ?
  • What stories will the different communities want to tell?
  • How can this link to the local ecology, culture, community and environment?
  • How can this project magnify their voice or story?

5) What will the project legacy and documentation look like?

  • Performance
  • Website
  • Shared Instagram account
  • Video, photography
  • 3D printed models
  • 3D scans

Lots to think about about and I will delve into what I'm thinking / making / creating to address these many different points next week.