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Posted on Tue 29 Oct 2019

Drawing in VR

One of newest Residents, illustrator and painter, Andy Council, discuses what it likes to use Tilt Brush, the VR tool that lets you paint in 3D Virtual Reality spaces.

A neon bat

Image: Andy Council

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Andy Council

Andy Council

Andy is an Illustrator and Mural Artist. The built environment of cities, mythical beasts and socially engaged practice are key features of his work.

I’ve been a mural painter and illustrator for over 15 years and have
become used to using particular tools and techniques in my work. I
came to Pervasive Media studio looking to bring something new to my
pieces, to develop my signature style of working and enhance it.
Technology could take my artwork into new interesting directions and I
had a few ideas of how to incorporate it. I didn’t factor Virtual
Reality into this, but now I have embraced it and I am excited to see
where it takes me.

There was a bit of talk when I joined the studio about the VR drawing
application Tilt Brush and how my work might be suited to it. I had a
bit of a go using it and despite finding it a lot more immersive than
I imagined I wasn’t all that convinced at first. I only used some of
the flashy brushes and it seemed like something that was just OK to
mess around on.

A few weeks later though I decided to give it another try. I looked
into using different brushes and tools and researched the work of
other VR artists to give me inspiration. I found using it really fast
and the results very satisfying. I’m known for painting dragons a
fair bit, so I decided I may as well continue with this theme in Tilt
Brush. My 3D mythical beast was created in just a few hours - I was
amazed!  Ever since I have been learning new techniques, adding lights
and bits of animation. I’ve become hooked. I’m now up to a good
standard and have been invited to run workshops enabling others to
create their own work.

In a lot of ways picking up the headset in the corner of the studio
reminds me of another time in my life. Over 20 years ago I was
unemployed and looking to learn some new skills to take my artwork to
another level and get me jobs. I was regularly going to an ICT course
and in the corner of the room sat a PC with Photoshop and Illustrator
on it. I saw this as an opportunity; so I sat down, taught myself the
basics and never looked back. Now it is Virtual Reality which is the
new opportunity for me.