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Andy Council

Andy is an Illustrator and Mural Artist. The built environment of cities, mythical beasts and socially engaged practice are key features of his work.

Andy Council

Andy Council

Andy Council has been a Bristol based artist for over 15 years specialising in the areas of Illustration and large scale murals, having graduated from AUB where he studied animation.  Andy has worked on a range of projects spanning public art murals(for clients such as Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Unite Students& Seedhead Arts, Belfast) illustration work for international clients such as Lenovo and The Independent and street art festivals such as FIAU In Mexico and Upfest, Bristol.  His work has become well known internationally for it’s distinct style.  He creates images of objects and beasts composed of other smaller elements that are often relevant to a particular place or subject.  Andy's most iconic piece of work to date is the Bristol Dinosaur which has been adopted by the people of Bristol.

The built environment of Bristol and other cities has been a notable feature of Andy's work.  He focus on landmarks of the area that have significance to the people who live there.  Socially engaged practice has been a key feature in his work for the past 5 Years.  Andy is often commissioned to work with local people and stakeholders in public realm projects. He consults with local people and enables them to re-imagine their surroundings through creative workshops.  Anthropomorphic forms are often worked with to bring together elements of local histories, personal stories and the built environment. Interpretations of these stories range from the historical, the fantastical to the everyday.  The creature that these elements form is representative to the area and captures it’s energy and spirit. As a result his work has been embraced by communities, becoming emblems and landmarks of that place.

Drawing is the main focus of Andy's work.  From the initial drawings coloured digitally as illustration pieces or the drawings replicated large scale using spray paint.  Andy enjoys working as a street painter due to the scale and energy but also the interactions with the public. 

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